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  1. Thanks for the replies. Ordered one from Coppell. Definitely would've checked AutoZone but never thought of it having oneđŸ€„
  2. Anyone know where to find one for occasional use? TIA
  3. Anyone here use a Berkey water filtration system? Satisfied? Where/how do you get replacement filters, sent from Laredo? I see Berkey does not ship to MĂ©xico. TIA
  4. Due to a recent theft, I needed to file a denuncia with the Ministerio PĂșblico and follow-up documents with the Recuadadora in Chapala. Not feeling completely confident with my español, I sought the help of Roberto Castellanos, a licensed legal interpreter/document translator. Good thing because it turned into a four day ordeal. Not only did Roberto translate with numerous people, he researched first how to approach the issues and committed completion (and success!) in resolving them. If he doesn't already know how to solve a specific problem or perform a certain task, he knows where, or to whom to go to, to find out. Without a doubt, Roberto Castellanos, is your go-to guy for competent, professional and personable assistance. His contact number is 33 1711 5105 or doctranslator@aol.com.
  5. My rear plate has been stolen. I called the Chapala Crime Reporting number but no help. Advice as to what/who to do/call? TIA
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