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  1. I've had some very old hiking boots re-soled, as well as some more minor stuff done. I have been happy with the work. The new soles weren't vibram, but stood up well even with the poor quality hiking trails in this area. They extended the life of the boots by several years, at a fraction of the cost of new boots, which aren't available locally anyway.
  2. There is a shoe repair place just off Colon in Ajijic. It's one block above the Carretera, on Felipe Angeles, about 3 or 4 doors east of Colon, on the mountain side of the street. Colon is one way heading south, so you would go up Marcos CastellaƱos (one block east of Colon) and turn left at the first street. The show repair is towards the west end of the block.
  3. The Guadalajara INAPAM office in the Federal Palace has now replied to my e-mail. Their initial e-mail said all appointments were taken through the end of March, and that they were booking in April, though they would look for earlier appointments. A follow-up e-mail from them notified me of an appointment in mid-March.
  4. My card is becoming illegible, and the bus ticket offices will sometimes not accept it now.
  5. I am at Lakeside, but I contacted the lady at DIF in Chapala, and she does not have the materials to issue the cards. She said she would let me know when she does. Since I need to go to Guadalajara anyway, I thought I might try to get the card there if I could get it sooner. I know in the past it has been difficult to get cards in Chapala. They receive only a certain number.
  6. Does anyone know if the INAPAM Office in the lower part of the Federal Palace in Guadalajara is open? Their website implies that they are, but several attempts to phone them went unanswered. I also sent an e-mail, but there was no reply to it. I'm trying to find out if I need an appointment to obtain a new INAPAM card.
  7. Does anyone know specifically if Santander in Chapala will be open tomorrow, Thursday, January 6th?
  8. Thanks. I'll follow your suggestions.
  9. What days are these available, and what time of day? Thanks.
  10. lynleath

    Niisa's open?

    They were open at lunch time today.
  11. Thanks, Rony, for this info. We'll head into Chapala soon.
  12. Thanks. They do the best ribs!
  13. Thanks, Rony. Given that the social distancing directive has been extended, I assume the closure will be as well.
  14. Does anyone know if Jose's Place on the Plaza in Chapala is open for take-out meals, and if so, what hours? Thanks.
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