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  1. This is what we do with newbies:  Take them to the Beer Garden, a time-honored restaurant - been around almost 100 years - hard to believe. Order beer, sangria, limonada, a paloma, or water.  Don't order the margaritas - remember this is a Mexican restaurant.  Order the guacamole prepared table side.  You get to make your own guac by directing your server: how much onion, how much tomato, how much salt, how much hot. It's interactive and fun. You can let your guests do this, but you can offer guidance.  Then order queso fundido (fondue), one with chorizo, one without.  Then order a side of refried frijoles.  Then keep the chips coming.  This is more than enough to eat, and everyone leaves happy.  In the meantime, you have the wonderful view, the people watching, and the total Mexican ambience/experience.  Your guests won't be disappointed.

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  2. Several of us just took one of the rental boats at the Chapala pier across the lake to S.L. Soyatlan  and the town to the East. No docking facilities and the boatman had never been to either place by boat. ( He was asking us for directions). There was a concrete pier at S.L.Soy. adjacent to town. We walked around and had lunch and then returned to Chapala. Nice day on the lake but nothing special in S.L Soy. If there are wineries would like directions. Boat trip,MUCH QUICKER than the drive and a pleasant day on the lake.

  3. Does the word "circulate" mean daily,weekly,monthly,etc. There are currently only 2 places in Guad to receive the inspection and you need an appointment. It will eventually move southward but I do not see an issue until next year and then when they have additional inspection stations around Lakeside.

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  4. The Pizza upstairs is outstanding, fresh made dough, top notch toppings, ultra-clean, dogs welcome on the outside  patio. Absolutely great. Have not tried their many other Italian offerings..Forget the rest and enjoy the BEST.

  5. On 7/2/2021 at 9:23 PM, rafterbr said:

    Want to thank everyone for their great responses.  When we were here a year ago, we ate at all of these restaurants with the exception of Letra CH which we will try and make it too next week.  I know things change in a years time, so we will give all of them a try again.  Since arriving, we have ate at Mediteranian, Panchos, Lety's, Food Container and Scallions. The best was Mediteranian but I didn't like paying 35 pesos for the garlic bread.  Worst was Scallions where I didn't like the spaghetti although the meat balls were large.  Main problem was once we got our order, we never saw a waiter again until we paid out.  Food Container wasn't bad and there was a lot less flies than last year. Lety's fish wasn't up to par and Pancho's was better than last year.  I noticed there was a steady stream of customers going upstairs for the pizza.


  6. Agreed, we recently ordered their Flounder Fillet..Perfect.  Also have had 2 large orders of their coconut shrimp for parties, huge amounts and all were all eaten and highly praised..Always a great selection of fresh fish, they will cook/fry your selection and deliver..

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