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  1. It looks brutal. https://weather.com/weather/tenday/l/Guadalajara+Jalisco+Mexico?canonicalCityId=2c0429afd28897d5f015f7ac3b978c3c567e7757de67d5b6e2cdf4ddda70240f
  2. More details, please. I would like to know the date and time, and also the venue. Thank you.
  3. If you can't find one and can wait until next week, José was at the Ajijic tianguis today. He has a booth near the carretera on the east side of Revolucion.
  4. I will be taking some guests to Tonala and Tlaquepaque soon and would appreciate any helpful information that you can provide. It's been six years since I was there and that trip was on a bus. I would like information on parking, places to see, things to do, that kind of thing. Any other tips would be appreciated as well.
  5. Dr. Sam Thelin. I saw him a week ago at his new location in Riberas. The office opens at 4pm on Mondays. https://drthelin.com/
  6. Mexico Is Subsidizing 35% of Fuel Costs Thanks to Oil Bonanza. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/mexico-subsidizing-35-fuel-costs-155108447.html
  7. The testing center is directly to your left from Highway 35. Hidalgo appears to be the lateral. https://www.google.com/maps/dir/Centro+Laguna,+Libramiento+A+Chapala,+San+Antonio+Tlayacapan,+Ajijic,+Jalisco/Centro+de+verificación+Responsable,+20+de+Noviembre+545,+El+Nuevo+Fuerte,+47899+Ocotlán,+Jal./@20.3331076,-102.7748677,19.33z/data=!4m14!4m13!1m5!1m1!1s0x842f414aa10778d1:0x6ee6c8566c4451dc!2m2!1d-103.2432272!2d20.2987209!1m5!1m1!1s0x842edf783d808259:0x1bffbb578ffabe1a!2m2!1d-102.7744782!2d20.3329948!3e0
  8. It may be helpful for you to know that you may have to return for another inspection before a year goes by. For instance, my license plate ends in the number eight and I will need to go back for another inspection in September or October. After that, the inspection will be on a yearly basis. This is a photo of a poster at the inspection station.
  9. I was at the emissions testing site in Ocotlan yesterday. The service was efficient and friendly. In and out in about 40 minutes.
  10. Here is a recent thread about Villa Monet.
  11. Día de la Constitución. http://www.bajainsider.com/article/dia-de-la-constitucion-constitution-day-february-5
  12. Here is the lunch/dinner menu from their FB page. The breakfast, drink and dessert menus are also posted there.
  13. I was in close contact on December 26 with someone that subsequently developed COVID on January 3. I just found out about it at 4 pm today. I did not think there was much chance that I was infected, but wanted to be certain. I drove to Walmart and waited in line to get tested. It took about half an hour. I was back home ar 4:45. I got the email around 6 pm saying that the test was negative. One thing of interest was that the woman doing the testing told me that they are getting about 100 positives a day. These are the same two women that administered the test for my trip to the US in early October. They are very efficient. They tested about 20 people while I was there. All were Mexicans, I was the only gringo.
  14. This information is from Sonia Diaz's website. Under Mexican Consulate Pre-approval: "You must tell the consulate staff you intend to retire." Under Permanent Resident Visa: "Some consulates will not provide Permanent Resident pre-approval to those under retirement age. For those who are Temporary Residents and living in Mexico, you may become a Permanent Resident in less than 4 years if of retirement age." You can see her website here: http://www.soniadiaz.mx/immigration---visas.html
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