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  1. 6 hours ago, Ellie said:

    Still out but evidently another 1-2  hours. Evidently a Coke truck took out 4 lines on Ocampo yesterday. Large area out including street lights. Did call CFE. Gotta love them. Friend pounded on door this a.m.and took phones home to charge


    Any updates & good news to report on the power?

  2. 36 minutes ago, Mostlylost said:

    Pete a solar system will not work if the grid is down unless it has a properly installed battery backup to disconnect the system from the grid in the event of power loss. 

    The invertor stops producing when it senses no power from the grid. If it still sent power to the grid a lineman could be electrocuted while working on a presumed dead power line.

    This is correct for a "standard" grid-tied inverter based system, while backup power systems or full hybrid systems are set up to only feed to the loads of the house, and / or not to export to the grid during an outage.     There's a few different ways to do this depending on the equipment used, and which things are defined as the loads to be backed up, typically called "the essential loads".....this can be the whole house, or any portion of it. 

  3. CFE challenges especially in Ajiijc centro appear to be getting worse each year due to increased loads / demand on the aging grid which seems to be really struggling.     Clients are reporting a lot of low voltage situations, outages, and spikes.       Demand is increasing for backup systems (whole house or portable / plug-in type AKA "solar generator") and also for whole house stabilization / regulation, especially with the rainy season ahead.      The good news......all of this is available and has improved greatly in cost and capability.      One local customer had a CFE issue for 5 or 6 weeks, and their whole home ran fully "offgrid" the whole time on their new solar grid-tied hybrid backup system we installed with a lithium-ion powerwall battery of 10 kWh capacity.     Was a great "test" of the capacity and automation of the system......even if it was unplanned.     

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  4. For those with interest in current tech, here are a few energy storage / backup systems we've installed locally with a range of hybrid inverters or inverter-chargers, all using li-ion battery systems in the range of 5 to 20 kWh of capacity.      Larger ones can run a whole house including pool pump and AC, more typical is auto backup for the essential loads such as fridge, lighting, communications, water pump, .....and whatever else one deems "essential".  😉

    WhatsApp Image 2023-02-16 at 10.27.44 AM (1).jpeg

    Growatt and PowerWall in Ajijic.jpeg

    STI Sol-Ark and PowerWall installation, Ajijic centro, Sept 2022.jpeg

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  5. 1 - Your Growatt can definitely handle the 8 panels both in terms of volts and amps.

    2 - if the batteries are discharging when you have grid power, likely the system is set to an offgrid mode as opposed to battery backup / grid priority mode.         A bit strange thought since you mention it appears to be exporting energy based on the CFE meter.

    3 - https://www.ginverter.com/products#residential-storage-inverter      you can find your model and access / download documentation here

    4 - based on what you've mentioned so far, the full installation should be checked out to be sure mounting, wiring, grounding, and AC / DC protections are correct and accurate.       

    We install up and down the whole coast based out of Guad and lakeside, many long term and recent installs in the whole PV area, PM or email if you would like to set something up.      Quality doesn't cost, it pays / saves.      

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  6. On 12/27/2022 at 12:56 PM, Mikechartier said:

    I personally think the solar installer doesn't know how to solve the issue with CFE

    Based on what you mention, it appears the CFE solar inter-conexion process has not been done or completed.

    It consists of an application package that needs to include the CFE account, photo ID, system details / spec sheets / certifications, wiring diagram, the CFE application form itself signed by the CFE account holder.      This in turn drives the contract package that must be printed and signed in the local CFE office.     And THAT is the final step to re-register the account as solar, and the change to the solar bi-directional meter.      We do this as standard for all projects.

    It is also important to mention that if the existing CFE meter is digital but not bi-directional, the solar production will most likely be counted as USE from CFE and will actually add to your bills.....because those meters can only count one way...UP....they don't work like a dial meter and "spin backwards".     

    You can go to the CFE office yourself and get the application form, you may need an assist with the specs sheets and certifications and wiring diagram.     Good luck and feel free to PM.

  7. There are probably "dead zones" on the roads to Mascota....there certainly are still some bad areas even around lakeside for cell coverage.

    You can choose to use Google Maps "offline" so it is saved on the device.

    Good luck but don't rely on active cell coverage in more remote areas in any country.    

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