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  1. Talk to Jena: https://www.clickerpets.com.mx/
  2. Virtually all Tier 1 brand panels have 25 year production / performance warranties to deliver 80 to 85% of the original level of power at the 25 year mark. What the OP mentions is a fairly typical grid tied setup; with these, the CFE solar meter is bi-directional and records values for both "use" and "sent". Both appear on the bills, and the user pays only the "net" difference (or has a 12 month rolling kWh credit, if production is higher than use). Maintenance - panel cleaning several times per year in the dry season is recommended, plus an inexpensive PM check of the system each couple of years, to check and adjust as needed, the support structure, roof connections, panel mounts, wiring harnesses, ties, and connections, and the inverter condition and performance (and inside cleaning, if a central / string inverter).
  3. https://www.facebook.com/Elevadores-Nachos-103343369036105/
  4. Elevadores Nacho. Same one, and they are a good shop.
  5. Entry and entry / camera systems expert: Arturo Lozano +52 33 3809 6633 Cell & Whatsapp
  6. The OP asked about the cost of a 5 kW system......a 5 kW system would be made up of (just as an example) of 10 x 500 watt panels, and is rated to produce about 25 to 30 kWh per day, on a year round avg basis, at lakeside. Other posters replied with info about 4 panel systems to produce 5 kWh per day......from a system of 1.3 to 1.6 kW. Important to understand the difference. Each kW of properly installed good quality panels (1 kW being such as 4 x 250 or 2 x 500 watt panels, for example) can give about 5 kWh per day, on avg. The info provided by ML and Rick S would be in the ballpark for typical projects.
  7. Thanks MC! STI Solar Technology has just been selected over all other firms to provide and install a 108 panel commercial system at lakeside, more details to follow; it is designed to cover 100% of the organization's consumption from CFE and continue their "green path" that they started quite a few years ago. The board chose STI not only for an excellent design and highly competitive pricing; but even more so for the top quality service and support that STI has provided for 16+ years to the organization and many of its member's homes.
  8. https://www.cbc.ca/news/science/house-cats-invasive-species-polish-institute-1.6532330 Seems the Bond villain(s) had it right.....? 🙂
  9. A guy riding toward you with a machete and a leaf blower. Not quite as severe as this, but I'd still give him a clear path, lest he need to make his own: 😉
  10. We've worked with quite a number of local renters and landlords, so FYI, don't count that out. Those who are in a rental property long term, or plan to be in the area long term, often put in systems on their own, or the landlord does it, or thru a hybrid / cost share type arrangement. Renters can also take a system that they own, with them, should they change rental homes; a solar PV system is fairly portable and there is nothing preventing it from being removed and re-installed elsewhere.
  11. Solar electric grid-tied system costs have stabilized over the past year or so, at an all time low cost per installed kW, while CFE rates continue to increase. We might have seen some further small decreases, except for the global Covid / logistics issues and large cost increases in the supply chain which negated that. So the ROI is at the best level ever, currently. Those in DAC can see payback of ~ 3 years. On the meter comments and bills going up.....if a prior meter was dial (analog) and the new one is digital, there is a fairly decent chance of an increase in measured consumption, as the analog ones can run slow.....but not fast.....and the digital ones are quite accurate. For those in this situation, "take the win" of all the time with the lower than reality bills you enjoyed..... and be glad CFE doesn't charge back unless there is an obvious tampering. (yes, they could....but in practice, they don't).
  12. Noted and revised (website update had changed the URL a bit), >>> thanks Lou.
  13. We're seeing daily requests for backup energy systems, as never before. We believe it is a combination of the local grid issues, combined with general awareness of the availability, accessibility, and improved pricing and reliability of energy storage and backup power that kicks in automatically when the grid is not available (most systems are less than 10 ms switchover time, or less than the blink of an eye). The system shown here was installed last week in Ajijic centro, combining an inverter-charger and a 5 kWh lithium ion PowerWall "battery". It can charge from either the grid or the rooftop solar panels, and is setup and connected to automatically power the essential loads of the home day and night. The solar panel power connected to it is enough to both run the essential loads, and recharge the battery, in the event of an extended outage.
  14. Definitely, to all: Call 071, this is the CFE service line to report problems or outages. Be sure to have your meter # (6 digit alpha-numeric) or the RPU service # from the CFE bill, (this is the 12 digit # starting with 472...... for those in the CFE Chapala / Ajijic service area).
  15. Link to the full page of these plans with Gb and durations: Paquetes amigo sin límites - Ahora con más datos | Telcel
  16. Data on Telcel paquetes sin limites does roll over if renewed before the 30 days is up. And overall a great plan for 200 pesos / mo.
  17. It is offered, dial *86 to set it up. https://www.telcel.com/personas/telefonia/roaming/estoy-en-el-extranjero/consulta-tu-buzon
  18. Banks generally send out those access codes by (cellular) text message to a cell #. If this is the case for you, then the WiFi connection would not be relevant.
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