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  1. Somehow my server seems to have been hijacked and I can't get rid of "My way". Very annoying. Does anyone know how to get rid of it?
  2. Does anyone know if I can get a windshield replaced lakeside?
  3. Does anyone know where the store that rents chairs/tables, etc. has moved? It used to be on the carratera in San Antonio.
  4. I am hoping to hear from anyone who has had recent personal experience down the vehicle legalization, importation, Mexican plating rabbit hole. Viz.: Through which ports of entry can one import a US plated car? Which customs broker, if any, did you use? What might be the cost to import a 5 or six year old importable car? What does anyone know about a scheme being around Lakeside to obtain plates from the DF?
  5. We'd like to rent a kayak for a couple of days next week. Does anyone know where we can rent one? Is the kayak club still active?
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