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  1. Hi I am so frustrated...my buzz keeps shutting off or pausing or doing anything but acting correctly! or properly! I have telmex. Should I try something else? I live in south Riberas near Mom's deli. And whom would you recommend to come look at my connection/set-up? thanks non-techie
  2. Please talk to Bellon Insurance 376 766-5151
  3. Hi Dawn I live in Riberas and would love to hike with you..I have 2 dogs
  4. Hi Just wondering if I can pay cash for luggage at check-in. thanks
  5. I like Dr. Manuel, dentist at Quality Care! Yes he is young and caring and skilled!
  6. Am looking for a laundromat with a large washing machine
  7. Just wondering if anyone has had a long layover in Houston before connecting to a flight to Toronto I am Canadian. thanks
  8. I went to Quality Care to the dentist Dr. Manuel for an emergency on a Friday afternoon. He is an excellent dentist!
  9. Hi yes Quality Care is open. I was there this morning.
  10. A friend is visiting from Canada for 3 more weeks and would like to practise for an upcoming show . She will pay for practice time or will entertain your friends in exchange.
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