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  1. The expat community has the right to maintain their way of life which is threatened by over-development with no infrastructure to accommodate these huge projects. Our life here will be miserable in terms of traffic, water, garbage, etc. Letters to the mayor and legal steps to investigate irregular permits are perfectly in order and will not put in jeopardy your status in the country.
  2. "The wheels of the law ground slowly, but they grind fine." I don't know the details. You can check out their facebook page, Amigos del Lago, and ask what steps they have taken.
  3. Harry, Amigos (see newspaper article below ) has put a injunction ratified by the 5th judicial district but Chapala City Hall refused to stop the work.The project will be huge.
  4. Yes, I have been working with them and, not only are the people involved very knowledgeable about the development plans in our area, but the professionals who are fighting these illegal developments have good contacts in the state, federal and international community (Living Lakes for example which adopted Lake Chapala). The Mexico City lawyer has agreed to work with Amigos continuing his investigation and analysis of the urban planning and zoning in our area in order to legally stop over-development in protected areas. It is the only way to stop it, with good legal representation that is immune to pressure from local politicians and who has national experience in stopping this type of problem.
  5. There is an injunction (Amparo ) against the Hotel, but there is more illegal construction going up all over. They are even building in river beds in Canacinta, and another lakeside organización, Amigos del Lago, has reported the builders to Conagua because this breaks federal law. Hopefully Amigos del Lago will pick up where Chimalli Axixic let the ball drop.
  6. The Reporter http://theguadalajarareporter.net/index.php/news
  7. I was waiting to see if they were going to do anything. Hope springs eternal, but now I realize that the money raised is not going to the original purpose and the illegal building goes in unabated. in fact a hotel is being built on the Chapinaya at the moment on land which is reserved as protected Forrest land. The permit was given by the ex/mayor javier degollado in 2017. He is currently a city council member.
  8. The secretary in charge of information is, as signed in the above letter, Tim Boeve
  9. Thanks for asking HarryB. I was one of the founding members of the Chimalli Axixic group and our stated purpose was to curb illegal development in the hills of Ajijic. Money was raised (over 100,000 pesos) to specifically hire a lawyer from Mexico city, who is a specialist in urban planning and development. The first thing he did was to ask for the legal basis for granting a change in zoning for the Tepalo waterfall area from a protected green area to housing development. As soon as they received his request the zoning was returned to green. Some new people joined the group and resisted using the money raised to pay this lawyer, even though that was the stated purpose of the funds. I and two other members were able to get the group to send first 20,000 pesos and after almost two months 12,500. The lawyer requested extensive paperwork from the Chapala City Hall and they sent unreadable copies and only part of what he asked for. I went to City Hall and got 1972 documents (costing over 3000 pesos) and gave them to the Chimalli group to send to the Mexico City lawyer ......in March. These documents were never sent. I insisted that we keep to the original plan and send the documents and finish to pay the MEXICO city lawyer. I was asked to leave the group and threatened with legal action if I divulged the group’s plans and strategies. I understand that a lawyer from Guadalajara, whose specialty is ecological issues, was given 40,000 pesos plus a stipend of 5000 a Month to take legal action. The only thing that she has done, to my knowledge, is to attend a conference in Spain. 7 months have gone by. The above letter to the Reporter was written in March. The generous donors have a right to request clarity on the actions of this group and the expenditures to date.
  10. Thank you that is exactly what she did
  11. And she pays the INM agent not in the bank? Thanks
  12. So she checks in for her flight with the airline then goes to the immigration window to pay? It used to he the bank
  13. My friend lost her tourist card and her flight leaves st 8 am . What is the procedure at the airport for this? thanks
  14. Does anybody know where to buy a new receiver for Shaw ? All my hbo channels are gone
  15. He is usually there from early in the morning and on and off all day. If you want to go early to avoid the heat of the day, please pm me and I will give you my phone number to call so I can make sure he will be there. Thanks
  16. The football field at Tecoluta near 6 corners was flooded and has been unusable for months. The caretaker , 76 year old Don Luis, has paid for loads of dirt and a bulldozer to spread it around before sodding can take place. Right now he alone is trying to level off the mounds and it’s a big job and will take a long time to do alone . If you would like to help please bring a shovel, rake and wheelbarrow to the field and help the kids get back to playing soccer and off the streets where many temptations and bad habits await them. Thanks
  17. Did you read the Guadalajara Reporter? Dale Palfrey stated very clearly that the board retuned it to agricultural andForrest land. If you would like a copy of the reversal of the zoning in el Tepalo you can ask for the edict, issued 28 January 2019, from Arq Rivas un Urban Planning , second floor of the Chapala city hall.
  18. The Chimalli Axixic group through protests and legal representation has successfully changed the zoning fir El Tepalo back to a protected area permanently . Signed and certified. They had plans to build tower blocks on this site. There is still a lot to do and there are so many capable and dedicated people here lakeside I think we have a good chance of containing these crazy projects driven by greed alone.
  19. Ellie Egan threw stones at the gardener today when, after a long absence, she returned to the football field to walk her large dogs. The gardener asked her to pick up the feces, she became enraged and threw rocks, hitting him on the head. There was a witness. Don Luis came to my house, we called 911, they told him to call while she was being violent. I have reported this to Hector, Don Luis has been to report her to ministerio público, and no one seems to care or be willing to intervene to protect this man. what now ? Any suggestions?
  20. Here is a roughly translated synopsis of what happened at the urban planning mtng. the meeting of the session of the urban development commission on January 18 of this year was done for APPROVAL OF IREEGULARIFADES, they presented several authorized developments in the past administration where there are several inconsistencies and lack of information and opinions. The inconsistencies are quite serious, violating the urban development plan, the land uses do not have legal consistency for the high density that is intended to be given in the case of the village (but they are several), They exceed the massive use of land, construction license was given without the possibility of SIMAPA to incorporate services, Another inconsistency was the donation from la pueblita of land that consists of 5000 mt2 for a municipal cemetery one block from the lagoon, which is unviable it is proposed to find another ground or make a self-sustaining cemetery (literal words of Javier degollado) .. despite all the inconsistencies of the development as this of the la pueblita again by the density, in the words of Moy Anaya is NOT TO STOP THE DEVELOPMENT. .. it is the position of all the aldermen and the government to declare that the government should be a facilitator for the investors ... and again tied to the fact that the development of the town violates the official development plan that does not allow development at that polygon, then what they did is the unanimous approval of the change in land use, goes from being a country tourist to H2 ... habitacional . with all that there are irregularities is to ensure that the developments are made and with the intention to modify the municipal urban development plan to approve the height allowed for building. When changing the land use of three ravines, tres cañadas, for la pueblita a donation is requested , while the developments continue waiting for the government to provide them with permits. sorry but it’s the best I can do. We won fir the moment in blocking the development in Tepalo but there is much to be accomplished
  21. It is available online and so it is not illegal to post a link as from any other newspaper. If the Reporter wants to restrict access they can do so. I didn’t copy content just imbedded a link. but the topic has been siccessfully hijacked
  22. Today's Guadalajara Reporter has an article on the meeting that the Urban Planning committee had last Friday. (deleted by mod2 copyright issue) The pressure from the Chialli Axixic group (and most probably the requests for exact details on the zoning change from their lawyer on January 15-18) made for an interesting session of this group made up of the President and two ex-presidents (the Degollado brothers), one of whom was involved in the original zoning change last March. The video can be see on the Gobierno de Chapala facebook page, watch minutes 38-45 for the part on Chapala where the body language, of the ex and current Presidents tell the whole story. The current head of Urban Planning, Arq. Rivas, was very clear about the illegality of the attempted project (which Moy Anaya had oringinally denied existed, but now admits), and although it looks like a win, the Chimalli Axixic group will continue to monitor the situation, as well as the other iffy development plans in the area. The fact is, that all of us stand to lose if there is unchecked building and there is a lot of it. The committee and the current government are willing to legalize many of the projects (La Pueblita, a 4 story building in El Bajío, the high rise in La Floresta, and many more). Having stopped or delayed the tower project near El Tepalo is an example how the will of the people, and a good lawyer, can move, or in this case stop the moving, of mountains.
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