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  1. Yes I have but she’s not a candidate. I would appreciate everyone spreading the word .
  2. Yes, Bibi is the younger black dog who desperately needs a home. She is a very good guard dog and very affectionate but highly strung. In fact 3 nights at the ranch were too much for her and I had to pick her up yesterday and take her back to the house where she lived with her owner. The owner’s daughter has returned to the States and Bibi is alone there for now; I feed and visit her twice a day. She will be an excellent companion for someone so I hope that she will find a home. Otherwise I’m afraid that she will be euthanized, which would be a real shame. Pls contact me 331-350-4122 thank you
  3. Wonderful news ! A really kind and loving couple have adopted Zonka and she will live with them and their rescues in Tizapan. She will be spoiled rotten and very much loved. Thank you Maria and Don and chapala.com.
  4. A neighbor died last week and has left a very nice old female dog and a younger and very intelligence black dog (both femaies) who need a home. One dog she rescued from the street(she is a very good guard dog) and she had adopted the elderly dog from the Ranch. if someone is willing please pm me.
  5. Yes, I will post a picture when I get one. About 10 or 12 (was rescued by the Ranch), knee high, chunky but in great shape. Very affectionate.
  6. A neighbor died last week and has left a very nice old female dog who needs a home. She had adopted this elderly dog from the Ranch. if someone is willing please pm me.
  7. I saw on a friend's facebook page that someone had lost a small white dog from Puerto Arroyo but no contact information. This little white dog looks like the one in the post and is obviously lost and scared. There are a lot of sky rockets now for the Guadalupe festival so if someone can pass this on it would be great.
  8. Just an update, a home was found for Calle.
  9. A long-time resident and advocate for animals in Ajijic has died unexpectedly. Her daughter will be able to take care of the three dogs for the immediate future, but her husband is highly allergic to cats Callie, a Calico, gets along with dogs, is an inside and outdoor cat and is affectionate and playful. If you can help please call me at 331-350-4122.
  10. They wouldn't dare come to six corners to ask for money, they'd be laughed out of the barrio and told their cut from the meth dealers should cover their parties.
  11. Solution of one cup white vinegar half cup baking soda dash If dish soap mixed in 4 cups water it works
  12. Semanario Laguna´s print edition reports that "officially" 8 dogs near the plaza of Jocotepec have been poisoned, but the head of Ecology, Pedro Camareno, says there are at least 12 to date; one of which belonged to a foreigner who frequents the café in the Center. María Aparicio, an animal activist for 20 years, has presented a complaint with the Ministerio Publico, because the killing or hurting animals is now a crime, with fines of 8 - 15 thousand pesos. The man who has poisoned these animals has been seen, but as of the publication of the paper, not yet identified.
  13. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2461418647431087&id=1654642074775419 in the Ajijic plaza starting today,Monday until Friday from 9am to 3 pm there will be a module where you can vote your preference for crosswalks .
  14. I live in the neighborhood where they work and live and have asked around about Them helping at Christmas. First time anyone heard of it. Another funeral Friday when the local main guy was shot in GDL.
  15. From a Mexican whatsapp group AVISO el día de mañana estarán cerradas todas las entradas a Guadalajara, por motivo de huelga de los chatarreros, a partir de las 8 am. Mañana estará cerrada la carretera a chapala para que pasen la voz de las 8 a las 2 pm la van a tomar los que tienen recicladoras de plástico por si tienen vuelos o necesitan pasar por ahí tomen sus precauciones desde hoy 👍 NOTICE tomorrow will be closed all the entrances to Guadalajara, because of strike of the scrap metal, from 8 am. Tomorrow the road will be closed to chapala so that the word from 8 to 2 pm it in case they have flights or need to pass by, take their precautions from today its unclear to me why but in case someone has urgent business it is a precaution something to do with recyclers
  16. I’m not making a judgement, just explaining the reason why uphill traditionally has the right of way.
  17. The unspoken rule has always been that cars going uphill in Ajijic always have the right of way. The reason was because most cars had were standard and it was hard to get momentum. Now that most cars are automatic that reason is gone, but the locals still adhere to it. If the guy coming up was a foreigner then he probably was just rude.
  18. A friend who is visiting is interested in getting a CO2 laser resurfacing at Dermika with Dr. Luis Sanchez Dueñas and would like anyone with experience with this procedure and doctor to weigh in on the results (short and long-term) and if another doctor is recommended Thank you.
  19. I heard from the owner's daughter that, happily, the dog was found with a little girl and is now home safely.
  20. From the website thrilltheworld.com it says : “Yes, let’s not forget Michael Jackson! This is for you! This has been, and forever will be, a tribute to Michael Jackson. “ That’s its stated purpose. If people want to participate in a tribute to Michael Jackson that is their choice, of course. ‘Nuff said...
  21. I agree, all these artists were able to get away with their crimes because they were protected by their money and their celebrity. The priests had the backing and money of Catholic Church. The authorities turned a blind eye.
  22. I was mostly interested in hearing how many people can separate the man from his music (or art, or movies, or good deeds, charity, etc.) It´s an interesting subject because many men (and fewer women) are in the same or similar positions as Michael Jackson: Epstein, R Kelly, who assaulted and kept prisoner many young girls, Kevin Spacey, young boys, Charlie Rose, young women, Halpern, and on and on). Would we say " That priest molested 20 kids, but I really like his sermons". The head of the Cannes Film Festival refused to go Roman Polanski´s new movie because of his past actions. I think it may be a generational thing?
  23. I was wondering if after “Leaving Neverland” and the outing of Michael Jackson as a predatory pedophile, how this event for charity could continue. I can’t separate the man from his music.
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