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  1. Not at all, this is not political but a grass-roots movement of mostly young professionals who belong to a facebook page which discusses problems in Ajijic (such as the yellow crossings in town) and tries to resolve these problems through communication with the authorities.
  2. Not at all, every person who is affected by this plan should come. Especially ex-pats because we vote with our feet and $.
  3. It will take place in front of the Oxxo in Ajijic. The local population wants a change to the plan to put wide barriers for the bike path, which will eliminate parking and increase congestion; not to mention passage of ambulances, police, firemen, etc.
  4. There will be no parking on either side of the highway from Juarez to Javier Mina, too narrow now.
  5. When it first came out I wrote to them telling them the same thing and they thanked me. They cut down so many trees, something that is out of hand all over the lakeside area look at this Facebook page for an idea how Ajijitecxs feel
  6. It was waived for “special compensation.”
  7. 4 stories are illegal in this area. Also no ok from the community. This government hands out permits like they were going out of style. Oxxo on Colin.....
  8. Taaffe

    Pasta Trenta

    It’s in riberas across from zona fitness on the mountain side.
  9. Taaffe

    Pasta Trenta

    Having heard good things, I went with 3 people last night. A very disappointing and bland bolognese with watery sauce, friend had the primavera, also bland with undercooked large chunks of the tough part of asparagus. Have to say Cafe Mediterraneo is the best by far maybe because the chef/owner is Roman.
  10. 3312165892 Rafael Aguilar, best raters, clean reliable cars.
  11. By law there has to be 20 meters from the middle of the road to any house/building on either side. Most of the buildings are too close so maybe they will enforce and make people tear down houses and businesses????
  12. My mom grew horseradish successfully in Ajijic.
  13. In terms of the locals’ sentiments check out ‘no Al cemento’ on Facebook. I go back to the 60s when my parents moved here and it was still a fishing village. The greed of the present administration in handing out illegal permits for building out of zoning regulations and without consulting the community(a legal requirement for something like Oxxo) is the worst I’ve seen.
  14. It will be across from Tango. The local people are outraged and the foreign community should be too. This will really put an end to any idea of Ajijic being a traditional Mexican village.
  15. I got an appointment; called me at right time, took my documents (don’t need copies just the originals), took my pictures and prints and was out of there in 20 minutes. Lots of people waiting so an appointment was a good idea.
  16. Just a short note to tell people that all three of Ginger’s dogs are really happy with their new owners. Thanks to the people on this board and the animal facebook pages for their help is placing these wonderful dogs.
  17. Thanks, just one more question. Do they give it to you right away or do you have to wait 15 days or so?
  18. On the website they say you need an appointment (there’s a form like for passport appointments). Is this new or can you just walk in?
  19. Dies anyone know what a naturalized Mexican citizen must bring to get their INE?
  20. On this Facebook page they want people to upload photos of the most egregious invasive street parking, and even cementing poles and permanent cement “floors” where stores display their wares. The Chapala government is going to send out authorities to fine and remove violators. At least a chance to vent, maybe a contest who finds the worst violations.
  21. Thank you very much. I am very happy you two found each other 😇
  22. Beebee has a foster home, but their female is not bonding well with her. It is a great improvement from being alone, but please keep passing the word that she still needs a permanent home. her foster parents can attest that she is very affectionate, house trained and obedient. Thank you
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