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  1. I read that those receiving ss will receive it end of April.
  2. I don’t see restaurants on this list, yet there are several restaurants in the area open for business.
  3. Workers have been working inside Puerto Arroyo in the road although this is not essential work. The Board has been notified but refused to comply.
  4. I thought someone would be needing more entertainment. My subscription has HBO, AMC, CNN, MSNBC, FOX, and a bunch of others
  5. A question please. I will be away from Ajijic for an indefinite period of time and have a new receiver, etc. I would be willing to lend the receiver to someone who would continue to pay my part of the subscription. If anyone is interested please pm me. thanks
  6. They are and will suffer the most. Buy locally.
  7. Thanks, am now in San Antonio, Texas since late yesterday afternoon.
  8. We crossed Saturday afternoon, lots of fog on the Saltillo Monterrey stretch which made it take longer. Canadians can cross as long as they promise to go straight home; no shopping or strolling around. Bon Voyage.
  9. Not everyone, in fact few of the Ajijitecos, has money for private care, so that is where they will have to go.
  10. Sorry, when i found people to travel with I erased the thread. I apologize. Made it ok after fog and rain out of Saltillo to Monterrey, then 2 hours wait at the border. Good luck to those who have stayed,. Ajijic and its people (including the expats) will suffer great hardship, Isolation is impossible where so many people live in such close proximity. I have been in the Hospital Civil, it is terrible. Kindness and generosity will make things bearable.
  11. He is allowing restaurants to stay open, everyone is crowded st the beach, movie theaters are open as long as they sanitize so....too little too late I think.
  12. I’m afraid Mexico will turn into a worse case than Italy, it’s health care system is broken, underfunded for years. just spoke to my doctor who is a professor and doctor at hospital civil and he says it will be worse in one week and much worse in two.
  13. 93 confirmed cases of covid-19 in Mexico. https://www.proceso.com.mx/622229/suman-93-casos-confirmados-por-coronavirus-en-mexico
  14. 53 cases in Mexico https://www.excelsior.com.mx/nacional/suman-53-casos-positivos-de-covid-19-en-mexico/1369940
  15. Survey in Great Britain: Men were much more likely to say they were not modifying their behaviour than women, by 29% to 21%.
  16. First two reported cases in Jalisco. The two women came back from Europe and are now at the Hospital Civil in Guadalajara. https://www.informador.mx/jalisco/Confirman-primeros-dos-casos-de-coronavirus-en-Jalisco-20200314-0052.html
  17. Princess cruise ship quarantined off San Francisco docked in February at Manzanillo, PUerto Vallarta an Cabo and let passengers off to shop and sight-see. 21 have been tested positive, one is dead. Mexican Chief Epidemiologist says the health authorities weren’t notified.....
  18. Not a lot of us are under 70 and in good health. The mortality rate (WHO) for that group is about 8%. The hospital facilities in Ajijic area are not prepared for a lot of older patients with pneumonia. So I wouldn’t call it fear-mongering, precautions and probably, for those of us who are religious, prayers are in order.
  19. Any update on the meeting yesterday?
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