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  1. Today is Tues.. I know retirement makes it hard to keep track
  2. I live in the West Ajijic area and hear no sirens so they must have stopped somewhere before getting here
  3. Mia's is not taking clothes for the next several months so donating them to Todo Bueno would be a good idea
  4. I read they were now sending Debit cards. I know people who have received those . Seems they could easily get into the wrong hands and be used. Some people thought they were junk mail and threw them away
  5. How do I call Sweden on my Telmex land line?
  6. Cases just rose to 11 in Chapala so I would not go any time soon
  7. SuzyQQ. Simpa has taken over all wells. I live in Puerta Arroyo SIMAPA had taken over well and Arroyo Alto's well. The good part is SIMAPA pays the maintenance but we now pay SIMAPA for our water once a year plus we now have individual meters and pay quarterly
  8. Thank you we usually get it in June. Guess we just wait
  9. Most people I know have started their help back but it is a personal decision and what you feel comfortable with.
  10. There is a great repair shop one block south of the Carretera on Colon in Ajijic central. One way street heading south, it will be on your left side. Looks a little messy but he good at repairing appliances,lamps etc.
  11. Not making judgement just telling you what I read No need to be snarky
  12. Kyle

    Niisa's open?

    Is Niisa's open? Driven by but never open. Maybe I am just going by at the wrong time
  13. Mostly lost. The post has been deleted but it was right after the original,post. A person saying they worked as a maid and have been taking the bus to here from Guad. With no,problem. Maybe others saw the post or the original poster may remember it
  14. Kyle

    Sour cream

    I will try San Marcos the other one suggested just doesn't taste like sour cream up north.
  15. I saw a posting on this thread of a maid who said she rides the bus here every day. Now she is not a resident
  16. If there is one carriersThey have already exposed everyone on the bus including those who live here, who get off the bus and go their merry way exposing others. Sitting on a bus for 45 minutes with one carrier is long enough to catch the virus
  17. And the buses run all day from Guad. And no one Checks. These Check points are a Joke
  18. Why has Telmex not reopened? Looks like they are being cheap and trying to get by without bringing staff back. I am sure their staff would like to get back to work and get a paycheck again
  19. I think Costco has the best
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