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  1. The quality of the fries is good. I like mine to be cooked a little longer. Next time I will ask them to do that.
  2. Total Bueno bizaar has one that fits over toilet seat
  3. Like the dentist at BMV dental, below Sky Gym. my husband had a partial that would never fit, she made it fit and now he loves it.
  4. I think being cooped up for so long has made the worst come out in some of us. I know it is starting to get to me
  5. Google suggest 500ml of water with 2 ts of vegetable oil and 1 ts dish soup. says it suffocates the leaf miner
  6. Yes it is leaf miner. I picked off the infected leaves and sprayed with a mixture of vegetable oil, dish soap and water as per Mr. Google
  7. Yes Lexy, it is the same Dr. Cardenas
  8. No, it does not look like that. More like track lines i think Natasha may be correct
  9. Thank you. Don't want to use malathion on a veggie I will eat i picked off all the infected leaves as you suggested
  10. Dr. Cardenas at S A Hospital he comes from Guad.
  11. How do I attach a photo to a new posting? thanks
  12. I thought Mexico was a far north are their territory went so where are they migrating to? Just trying to get educated on hummingbirds
  13. Thanks for posting the picture and giving me more information
  14. Just saw my first Sparling Tailed Woodstar hummingbird here anyone else seen one?
  15. How about the sunbirds who come here to get away from the heat in Texas, Arizons, Florida in July and August. Doubt they will be here.
  16. Four of our friends, 2 Canadian 2 American, are not returning this year
  17. Kyle


    Guys at the Tues market have great Italian sausage and fantastic andouille sausage
  18. Had the burger for lunch, fantastic! Quality meat and the best homemade bun. Done medium, as requested, just pink in the center. This is a home run!
  19. Great! We will be there for lunch tomorrow. love that place and Carlos!
  20. Same as most restaurants or bars
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