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  1. That was for the first stimulus check, I was asking about what the "next" one will be
  2. Has it been agreed upon as to the amount ? Will it very according to income?
  3. According to the Merriem-Webster dictionary smork is a real word it did not give credit to happyjilln for coming up with it.
  4. I think we have enough restaurants, most are struggling . Why would you open a restaurant now? Inside seating is discouraged at this time. sorry but I don't see it being a success. Just my opinion
  5. Tried it, did not like it. Just my opinion
  6. Kyle


    They have it thecAjijic Tianges today. A big sign on the Carretera
  7. Not elevated respiration, just good stretch and muscle toning at this point there is usually only 5-6 people so we are well spread out. in the high season more attend so we will see where things are at that time
  8. We are exercising Eric, you might try it some time. 6 ft is the required distancing. Some "person" took a picture of me at my Zumba class without a mask and posted it on Facebook . This a class and none of us wear masks when working out and we stay 6 feet or more apart but we all wear them to and from the class. There is a huge area around us, no need to come near us unless you are in the class.
  9. We do not wear masks because we stay 6 feet apart . If you walk up close us you are not being very smart, so be smart and stay back
  10. I had read they were ok unless you worked in a hospital or a place around people who had Covid. They actually protect your eye which a mask does not. Not sure what to believe at this point
  11. I agree. Don't come in here buy a huge house or property then give big money to the community. That is very thoughtful but stay low profile and enjoy the simple life. Quietly help those in your neighborhood .
  12. Could this be a case if "leading with your chin"? If you go into known cartel territory and buy a big ranch, it shows you have money . You might be "leading with your chin" the cartel is probably going to target you. Not saying the cartel has the right but it is just the way it is here. Just my opinion
  13. Does Chapala encluded Ajijic? I know someone who tested positive and lives in Ajijiv
  14. Costco has them, just like the ones your make at home
  15. Check bazaars sometimes they have used ones. Most viveros carry them
  16. Looking for placement for a friend . Please PM me if you have any experience with this facility or know someone who has. appreciate any info
  17. Contact info please! Glad you posted about him and hope it helps his business but we need contact info.
  18. Angus, I think you are really over reacting. Insighting unrealistic and unnecessary fear
  19. Art snob. Were you at the one in Chapala or Ajijic? I think this threat is talking about the one in Chapala
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