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  1. If your tiles are marble be very careful. Marble stains easily
  2. West Ajijic behind the BP station
  3. Work out the kinks in an unpopulated neighborhood. Dogs unders stress is not good for the dogs or the neighbors This should not be an attempt for a political gain , this is not about politics but about the best for the dogs and the neighborhood
  4. Gonzales, are you going to be able to get it moved as the GR article said?
  5. Thank you to everyone. Google translate worked great
  6. My husband is from Sweden , he has dementia and can no longer read Swedish. We received a document from Sweden and need to have it translated. It is a short document please let me know if you or if you know of someone who could help
  7. I thought the residents in the area had met with the city and an agreement had been met where as the shelter would be moved to a more isolated area
  8. Take them to a dry cleaners and ask them to press them
  9. Yes, SA . I will choose the Ajijic Clinic next time
  10. Had to go to the emergency room on Sunday. They had no staff to run the equipment for the necessary tests and only one doctor who had to call another doctor because she didn't know what to do about a very simple case. The doctor said " you shouldn't come on Sunday's because we have very little staff. So...we will try to not get injured on a Sunday! just a heads up if you need a doctor on Sunday's the Ajijic clinic may be a better choices
  11. I feel the limiting of Tapatios should be reinstated. Ajijic village on weekends is being populated with tapatios who do not wear masks and gather in large groups. I feel the mayor needs to step in to stop tapatios who do not have homes here from coming in. No bringing all your friends for the weekend JMO
  12. Jicama water content is much higher than rutabaga. Don't think that will work
  13. Just used Ajijic Electronics. They were great!
  14. Kyle

    New scam

    I think that was in Mexico. Many calls like this are here in our area of Mexico
  15. Thanks everyone I found movers
  16. I think a lot of people, Mexican and expats, feel that the gov't is so curupt that the 16% will just go into someone's pocket and the people will see no changes
  17. Have you tried the new shelter that just opened in West Ajijic? Sorry I don't have contact info, maybe someone on this site can provide that
  18. Tinting. Is there a purpose to your smart remarks?
  19. In there today,. All employees wearing shields but not all with masks correctly placed. I have never seen so many stockers! They were taking everything out of the dairy cooler in the back. Why,I don't know! Every isles was crowded with stockers and boxes. It was like they brought in a bus load of employees from Guad. To stock shelves . I got in and out asap
  20. Lots of break ins in the west end so,please be aware. Times are tough for a lot of people , hard times equal desperate means.
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