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  1. Good for you gringal. Seems there are a few on this board who continually have to put in unnecessary comments and high jack the board.  Please remember this is not  your personal chat line and no one comes to this site to be entertained by your smarta__s comments

  2. Hey be, the  city sprawl" was there before the dog shelter.  That spot should never have been considered for a shelter.  Caging animals up and not walking them nor trying to find them a home is not helping the animals, it just makes some do good doers feel good about themselves 

  3. Bisbee are you saying don't fix the problem, just move out of your home.

    that does not solve the problem and makes the victims pay the price

    i say, find a way to move the shelter or close it down 

    I see no effort being made by the shelter to find homes for these animals 

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  4. On the Carretera next to Casa Bonita.  Nice place to meet friends for a drink, lots of outdoor seating.  Bar food menu,. I had a martini and shared fries with a friend, best fries I have had here. The martini was a generous pour!   The burgers looked good

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