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  1. Name of restaurant is el Sorry, Name of restaurant is El Charro.
  2. Unable to find any contact info such as website or phone number. Located at #16 Colon in Ajijic.
  3. Jose Martinez....wonderful! Jose Martinez 333 - 174-1282
  4. Anyone got information on Bistro 12 in Chapala
  5. Can anyone recommend a professional plumber. My last plumber totally botched the job and I don't want to make the same mistake. Has anyone had someone complete job and been totally satisfied? Tnx in advance for your recommendation.
  6. Can we renew at legion yet?
  7. Anyone assisting with this currently. Are they even being issued?
  8. Am considering giving up DISH and Firestick/VPN was suggested. Can you recommend a technician with expertise in this area?
  9. Its name is Sentido. Contact is Horacio 3318620125 3761088980 I dare you order the pancakes everything is fantastic.
  10. Anyone know what's up with hotmail.com? The information on line is so confusing. Are they actually cancelling it?
  11. Looking for Photoshop expert to adapt an image for a Christmas gift. Willing to pay of course. Pls call 766-5243.... greeninmexico@gmail.com...tnx
  12. Have the rules changed where you must now take a test in Spanish to get citizenship?
  13. It is not safe to tie your dog anywhere out of your sight. Friend did this and her dog was attacked by another dog. It was helpless. It survived but lost an eye. For the record two restaurant owners told me dogs are permitted in open patio like seating areas but not in enclosed areas.
  14. El Jardin D'Shanti... wonderful meal last night... just down street from Casa Linda (very nice too) on Rio Zul across from old Billy Moon in West Ajijic. Beautiful renovation.
  15. Does anyone have current contact information for Raul Ruiz?
  16. He is fabulous! Wouldn't hesitate for a moment to hire him!
  17. Home Services in Ajijic near Superlake. 766-1569.
  18. I am in San Antonio and my speed on a good day is 1.7! Telmex told me I'd have to move to do better. Guess who was one of the first to sign up and pay for lLox!!! Anxious to attend iLox meeting at LCS at 4:00 today.
  19. I heard a rumor that Mia's might be closing due to lack of customers caused by the inability to park/drop off clothes. I sent Bonnie an email asking her to validate the rumor. Here is her reply. Help spread the word. Tnx everyone. From Bonnie, Owner "Definitely a RUMOR!!!! We just had a Petition drawn up and signed by tons of people, which we forwarded to the Mayor's Office. We're asking for two poles to be removed and use the spot for Loading and Unloading. Thank you so very much for the info. Please let everyone know it is just a "Rumor" .... I have a Lease on the property and have no intentions of closing the Shop".
  20. Thx for the response. I will have my friend call you directly.
  21. Does anybody know where you go to register your car if you move from one state to another, like Nayarit to Jalisco? Don't think it is same place in Chapala where we register our cars.
  22. She took my husband to get his DL last week. He left at 9:00 ish and was home before noon. FANTASTIC.
  23. JP built my house 15 years ago and have not had a single problem. Have used him many times for other projects as well. Gets an A+ from me.
  24. US MARINE CORPS 242nd BIRTHDAY FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 10TH AT “LA NUEVA POSADA”­­­ It is the 242nd birthday of our beloved Corps! We plan to celebrate on Friday, November 10th at “La Nueva Posada” in Ajijic, Donato Guerra No. 9, Telephone: (376) 766-1344 Dress is smart casual. The event begins at 1:00 (cocktails and stories); lunch and cake 2:00 and beyond! $250P includes salad, bolillo, “composed plate” (variety of different foods) and tip. TWO FOR ONE MARGARITAS FOR THE FIRST HOUR (1:00-2:00) OTHER BEVERAGES NOT INCLUDED PLEASE R.S.V.P NO LATER THAN NOVEMBER 5th BY EMAILING Annie Green-Nast (376-766-5243) greeninmexico@gmail.com
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