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  1. My personal opinion is that these type of people are past sick and just plain mean and should be subjected to the same treatment!
  2. Too much "locked down" time for some of us.😄😄😄
  3. I have always appreciated her work. However, she is so busy, I am afraid I would be waiting forever for anything I took for an alteration. So, I try to do what I can myself.
  4. Assuming we all know what and where Covid is, it seems like it is up to every individual to do as he sees fit. If we are worried, we "suit up". If not, we are more relaxed. Up to every individual. IMHO.
  5. We also discovered this delightful little bakery several weeks ago. Bought a variety of items - all freshly made. I think we have been to every bakery between Ajijic and Chapala. Afraid when the pandemic is ever over, we won't be able to fit through our gate!!
  6. If he is the one next to Brissis restaurant, here is his shop and cell: 765-5369 3311442372 Hopefully these numbers are still current.
  7. We use Pet Place Hospital on the bypass. Dr Bernice cared for our brand new 3-month old dog over a weekend at home to cure his Parvo. We have been happy with her care for years.
  8. Geez, chill out guys!!! Everyone is entitled to an opinion. You may not agree, but it is not being forced upon you. We are all in this together. Wait until the militia arrives and then get excited.
  9. I probably am not taking this as seriously as I should, but I want to live out the rest of my life without hiding under the bed. I prefer to take whatever precautions are available and necessary, and still do what makes life worth living. What does this mean? Not sure as everything is still in the "adaptive" phase. I just know I am not sitting in my chair wringing my hands. At my age I will continue to move forward and enjoy my life as much as possible without endangering others. (Just my three cents worth.)
  10. And to add another question to above post, having gleaned knowledge from all existing cases, can they make some kind of medical treatment, i.e. shot or drug, that helps mitigate the symptoms and overall severity of the disease?
  11. My question would be what happens if a vehicle breaks down in traffic? Now there is nowhere for it to go but bring everything to a standstill. 😧
  12. The statistics are very interesting. If we assume everything about the Hong Kong flu is similar to what we have today, perhaps we are erring on the side of caution. I am sure this will be discussed both ways ad nauseum. Just my opinion, and I did survive the Hong Kong flu.
  13. It seems that it is like this every day -- out until about 5;00pm. I guess I can live with that as long as it comes on each day. Still it seems like it should be available all day, every day. However, access in the evening is better than NO access. IMHO The internet is a mystery -- like so many other things in Mexico.
  14. Well, I gave myself my first serious hair cut yesterday. Now the dog doesn't even recognize me. But on the plus side, it feels better and maybe I will adopt a new personality to g with it. lol
  15. I used to get mine at the Ajijic tianguis where they sell thread, etc. However, in light of current events, the tianguis may not be open. Perhaps a store that sells yardage, thread and such. Sorry - not much help under current conditions.
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