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  1. Hi did you sell the iPhone yet?


  2. And 3 days before the 4th, the Canadian Club is holding a Canada Day event. So you can celebrate twice! Friday, July 1, 2016Canada Day CelebrationOur Club together with the royal Canadian Legion Branch #1 and 904 Wing Royal Canadian Air Force Association celebrate together at the Nuevo Chapala Club House, located at Zaragoza #731, Chapala (up the hill from the Pemex station)
  3. See the Lake Chapala Society web page - it's on the home page http://lakechapalasociety.com/weebly/index.php
  4. Please restore my member name "Cortland" that I post under.  The new system only shows my login name - "appleyard"

    1. Cortland


      Sorry - I made an error in my first message. My login name is applecart.  But I want my member name "Cortland" to show when I post

  5. We have had some false alarms and SOSE has always called within 5 minutes. We have also found Danny to be very responsive. When we were not at home, we know they came to check things out. Several friends have the SOSE system and have had good service. Like any other service, people will have good and bad experiences. I guess we are lucky.
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