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  1. WOW ; this thread became a total waste of time like most on this board....
  2. Ilox speed seems to drops off to dead slow (falls asleep) if you are not using it continuously; my Telmex service seems to be faster at browsing at 8 mbs speed.
  3. So is anyone thrilled with Ilox? File download speeds are great; but i find just surfing the web is poor.
  4. I get 100 mps download on Ilox both ethernet and wireless with VPN. The problem many are having is NOT the VPN; it is the router with VPN that doesn't have adequate processing capability. Please look at routers with dual core processors etc; Asus RT-AC86U is what I am using with NordVPN. VPNs don't slow down the download speed significantly; slow VPN routers with low processing capability slow down the download speed. I love high speed with Ilox and Asus.
  5. The Mobile Passport app works great; no one in line when I went through IAH earlier this week. Download before you go; you need to take your picture and add passport info for you and anyone else travelling with you. When you land open the app and select your entry airport and that is about it; follow the lines for Mobile Passport.
  6. Some VPNs slow the download speed more than others. Router processor speed has a significant effect on download speed. I just upgraded my router to an Asus RT-AC86U with 1.8 GHz dual core processor and my download speed is the same with VPN on or off with Telcel at 10 mbps.
  7. Not sure the cement holding the pole has enough time to cure properly; I think it was poured Monday of this week.
  8. Headed north into Guad take the ramp on the right just before you get to the Periferico and then keep left. There are some stop lights; turn left and you are on the Periferico headed west.
  9. Get an unlocked "GSM" phone; usually advertised that it will work with ATT or T-Mobile; these phones will work with Telcel or ATT Mexico.
  10. I was involved in a 5 car accident 6 or 7 tears ago; not my fault. The ambulance was called but no one had any injuries. The police came after the ambulance had come and left and then everyone knew that the rich gringo with the new car had insurance; just about everyone developed neck problems. Since I refused to take responsibility for the medical expenses they started putting all the drivers in the police pickup truck to take us all to jail until someone would accept responsibility for the medical expenses. It was amazing how quickly all the neck injuries healed and no one went to jail. My insurance adjuster told me that my car insurance policy included something similar to a bond to get me out of jail immediately.
  11. Just filled up at the BP near Los Sabinos; no line.
  12. I believe it is "+52 376(area code) 766 xxxx"
  13. I have used the clear silicone sealer from Fester.
  14. Get a qualified technician to check if your air bags are still in the car. I have had my car repaired at a few different shops here lakeside and in Guadalajara after an accident; later when I traded it in the dealer told me that there were no air bags, he even showed me where they were supposed to be. I am not 100% sure which shop stole them but in my mind they could have killed me; I am so glad that I decided to trade the vehicle (and they found this problem) rather than selling it privately. Apparently there is a pretty good market for stolen air bags and they can be removed in less than an hour.
  15. I too have been streaming for several years with about a 5 download speed. I use a Fire TV Stick and take it when I travel. I do notice that download speed effects the picture quality; not sure if the app or the Fire TV Stick is adjusting resolution; but I am certainly looking forward to the high speed of Ilox fiber optic. As far as picture quality the Shaw Direct HD channels are superior to streaming quality I have now but soon we will see if it download speed, the IPTV service I am currently using, or if I need to upgrade from the Fire TV stick to a device with a faster processor and more memory.
  16. And I forgot to mention that the Callcentric and Fongo numbers work here on WIFI or cellular data.
  17. I have the Telcel Amigo plan and I buy the internet packets (for cellular data) when I go to Canada or the US. I have a free VOIP US phone number from Callcentric that I use with an Iphone app to call US numbers; I think the per call cost is about 2 cents per minute; but my friends can call me on a US number. Also you can call to Canadian numbers for free on Fongo; there is a small cost to purchase the app and a dedicated Canadian phone number for your friends to call. Both Fongo and Callcentric can be used on WIFI or cellular data from Telcel. I have been using both without complaint for about 3-4 years. Text messaging gets a little more complex.
  18. Anyone had an implant done by Dr. Candy and results ?
  19. Sorry I can't offer any help but would appreciate if you could PM the guys name.

    I am currently looking for a new contractor for my next project

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