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  1. Just got a bill for 321 pesos with a nice email that I better pay this soon or they would cut off my service. I went up to the store in Ajijic and they told me the bill was for materials used for installation of the service; no charge for labor. I left without paying. Anyone else get a bill for this ?
  2. I used Jose once; I thought the price he asked for (after the job was complete) was fair.
  3. I have driven back and forth on 101 through Ciudad Victoria to Matamoros several times in the last 6 months; no problems other than road repairs / paving; easy 10 hour drive to Brownsville Texas. I wouldn't do it in the dark but no issues in daylight; lots of fast moving traffic etc. Don't know about the highway 97 cut-off towards Reynosa other than the Pharr bridge is closed most of the time except it is open late afternoon/evenings on weekends.
  4. Download speed for public IP is the same as private; at least for my connection.
  5. I have a HP 5200C flatbed scanner; free to whoever wants it. Works with Windows 7; or with Windows 10 you need Vuescan software. PM me if you want it
  6. SoxFan; I think you need to contact Ilox and have them give you a public IP address rather than the private IP address they assign at setup. Contact "noc@mail.ilox.mx".
  7. Any opinions and experience with HDI Seguros. I have had Qualitas for 12 years but HDI is about 20% less expensive.
  8. Just switched personal computers over to the Telmex modem. Oh, it is also made in China, but different company.
  9. Tonight Telmex 25 Mbps; last 1/2 hour Ilox has been less than 1 Mbps.
  10. Also better speeds in lower Ajijic; 25 Mbps down; and 8.8 Mbps up; 389 pesos plan. Every time I switch back to Telmex to test the speed it keeps getting better. I signed up for Ilox when Telmex was about 7-8 Mbps down and 0.4 Mbps up.
  11. We could all chip in for a snow plow.
  12. WE THE NORTH, thanks Raptors. What a game.
  13. This rain was more than a 1/2" in my pool; central Ajijic down by the lake.
  14. 52 years since the Leafs won the Stanley Cup and 26 years since the Blue Jays won the World Series. Maybe every 26 years we should win a championship. I think this is the Raptors year. Gives the Leafs 26 more years to get their act together.
  15. Absolutely no discussion about the NBA finals; must all be Golden State fans. Go Raptors.
  16. Not completely correct. My IPTV service works fine thro a US VPN without an Ilox public IP address.
  17. The Ilox modem manual says max operating temperature of 45 deg C. Right now mine says optical operating temperature of 49.13 deg C. Can anyone else check their temps and let me know.
  18. Back up to normal; down 35 minutes that I am aware of. We see more down time with Ilox than we ever had with Telmex. I personally think it is the cheap Ilox modem; gonna ask for a new one. I have had the same Telmex modem for 11 years and now get a steady 18 Mbps download every time I switch over which has been every day lately.
  19. Now down 10; up 27 Mbps We are central Ajijic by the lake.
  20. 290 Kbps download speed on Fast.com; fourth day in a row that this has happened.
  21. Computer Guy; sorry never intended to hijack your thread; just a sarcastic comment. The Ilox installers are professionals; at least mine was and why would they cut a Telmex cable when it could easily be tracked back to them. My guess is that some posters checked their Telmex line after porting to Ilox and found it didn’t work or at installation Ilox asked if they could disconnect the Telmex line, or something else. Anyways, why do you want this info; to take it to Ilox with a complaint ? good luck on that.
  22. more important question; has anyone other than NLU cut their Ilox line/service.
  23. Ilox streaming TV constantly buffering tonight; switched over to Telmex and no buffering;. Ilox on a speedtest is 90 Mbps and Telmex is 9 Mbps; Telmex streams a better signal without buffering
  24. Our Ilox service was connected in late March; since then our Telmex service has increased from about 7 to nearly 20 megs. The Telmex modem software used to indicate 10 as the max download speed; I have tried to fool with this in the past without success. We used to get a bump from 7 to 9 when the snowbirds went home but this time Telmex has changed the speed governor inside their modem software to 20 meg and the download speed has stayed constant at close to 20. FYI, Ilox fiber optic service through an Asus router running NordVPN on Wifi; Fast.com speedtest is about 30 megs at 2.4 GHz WIFI and 80-90 on 5 GHz; both computers within 15 feet of the Asus router; tells me I need a 5 GHz adapter for my laptop. Speed is slightly faster with VPN turned off. I have a lot more testing to do but right now the Ilox service seems sleepy (slow to respond and connect to a website) and the Telmex service at 19 megs seems to be quite responsive; on both computers. For these initial tests I have used the same Asus router with NordVPN running plugged into the Telcel modem and Ilox modem. Same opinion on both computers; Ilox seems sleepy. As I said more testing to be done before my 12 months with Ilox runs out. I never intended to cancel my Telmex service; at least not right away and glad I didn't.
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