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  1. The construction is on the periferico from where you get on at the Chapala highway and heading west from there. Sometimes the northbound Chapala highway is slowed down in the right lane because the ramp to the westbound periferico is overflowing due to the construction.
  2. Saw a couple of Telmex guys today stringing fiber optic cable on 16 de Septiembre at Colon. Maybe soon we will have higher consistent download speeds in the village. Depending on the time of day I get download speeds anywhere from 8 to a high of 32 on Telmex.
  3. I also use Callcentric with a US phone number that costs $1.95 per month. Incoming calls ring on my Iphone with an app "Acrobits Softphone"; works great on either Wifi or Telcel data. Occasionally an incoming call is missed but you can call the caller back. Costs about $0.02 per minute for incoming and outgoing calls to the US. Callcentric has plans for heavy users to reduce the call costs. If you decide to go this route pick an app like Acrobits or Bria Mobile that work with push notifications to reduce battery load.
  4. I would turn the power off to the receiver and then back on; wait 5 minutes and try refreshing again. I have never seen the message "Unsupported video signal"; sorry I can't help you with that. You probably need the installer to address that problem.
  5. I do this regularly and never had a problem. If you were able to refresh 4 times then it is not a problem being in Mexico. Check your signal strength at the receiver; I think it needs to be 85% or higher; or the receiver is not registered on your account.
  6. I refreshed a receiver today; yes I have a VPN set to Texas. If you can refresh from Texas then refreshing from Mexico should be no problem.
  7. Go to shawdirect.ca; go to my shaw direct and login (you may need to register a username and account info etc); under manage devices click on refresh receiver. A VPN is not required to do this.
  8. Looks like great practice jumps for the local Evel Knievel scooter drivers.
  9. Yo1, can you share the names and phone numbers of your honest gas guys.
  10. I travel frequently with my Fire Stick; never had any problems using it in hotels etc; I don't know if I was connecting to public or private IP addresses. When Ilox hooked me up last March and I couldn't get the Fire Stick to work until they assigned me a public IP address. Maybe there is something other than just changing to a public IP address; maybe a VPN would eliminate the private IP address issue.
  11. Been on and off most of the day centro Ajijic by the lake. Switched over to Telmex when I needed internet but Ilox seems OK now.
  12. Ilox is on here in central Ajijic; no problems.
  13. Crossed southbound at Brownsville in early September at about 7:00 AM; waved right through, only slowed down for the topes. No sign of migrants anywhere.
  14. Until about April Telmex had set the maximum download rate in my modem to 10 but I never got above 8. When I first had Ilox installed I was having a lot of problems with download speed so I would test Telmex occasionally. I was getting, and still get about 35 down in the morning and about 5 down at dinner time. I checked the settings in the modem and Telmex had changed the max download speed to 60. I presume the drop in speed through the day on Telmex is due to congestion.
  15. To stream content from north of the border you will most likely need to use a VPN service. I use an Asus RT-AC86U Wifi router with NordVPN on Ilox. The Asus router WiFi is a much stronger signal than the Ilox modem WiFi. I have had good luck with streaming Netflix and Hulu using NordVPN.
  16. During the latest Shaw Direct receiver software update the LNB network map on one of my receivers got changed and then I had no channels at all on that receiver. I changed the map to the same number as I had in another receiver and everything worked fine. See link below: http://www.kusat.com/Shaw-Direct/Shaw-Direct-Installation/
  17. I have rented cars at GDL; very low prices but insurance is extra. Try rentalcars.com or carrentals.com to see if you can get a deal including insurance.
  18. Gracias; he will be at my casa tomorrow for some emergency repairs.
  19. Not quite sure of his last name; speaks very good english; seems he changed his phone number since last time i used him. Anyone have his phone number.
  20. Get one every couple of days. Any idea how to stop these.
  21. The Ilox phone system is VOIP; voice over internet. I had many different issues with Ilox and my VOIP service until I had them change over my service to a public IP address from the standard setup of a private IP address. Now my VOIP (Callcentric similar to Vonage) and the Ilox phone service works OK when the internet is up. In general I think that the Ilox modem is unreliable; sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I have switched my VOIP service back to Telmex to make it reliable. I never ported my Telmex number to Ilox. I suggest you ask Ilox to change you over to a public IP address and see if that improves your calling to Telmex numbers. I have no problem calling Telmex, Telcel or NOB numbers from my Ilox phone.
  22. Waze doesn't use much data while driving if you program your route while on WiFi before you leave. Nice thing about Waze is it indicates heavy traffic, accidents etc ahead on your route.
  23. You need to go to the Telcel office and ask them to turn-off voicemail on your number. I did it 5 or 6 years ago.
  24. Thanks for posting this; and I hope your car is back up and running.
  25. The issue is when I signed up I really thought I was told that installation was included; It was so long ago maybe they said only labor was included; and that is why I asked the question. I know of one other Ilox customer that thinks installation (including materials) is included and has not been billed. Less than $20 bucks; big deal; who cares.........I care about $20.
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