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  1. We drive north frequently; prefer the San Luis Potosi route; take the west bypass (49D). We stay at the Sheraton 4 points hotel in Saltillo; nice hotel with restaurant and it is pet friendly.

    There are 3 crossings at Laredo; Bridge 1 is usually the shortest wait time but it is Sentri lane only, Bridge 2 (the busiest), and Columbia. Get the CBP Border Wait Time app for your phone and check the wait times before you get to the Columbia cutoff and make a decision. I have used all 3; Bridge 1 and 2 are both accessible without going through the center of Nuevo Laredo, use the road along the river to the east. Columbia is a reasonable crossing if you are going directly north without visiting Laredo.

    Google maps has good routing to all 3 bridges.

    Just a note that you can use Global Entry in the Sentri lane as long as the vehicle is registered in Global Entry; I doubt that you can use Nexus.


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  2. Every public transit system that I have ever used (other than here) has a schedule that is maintained; proper bus stops with the schedule posted. Here I see buses racing through town; why I don't know but guess that the drivers income is somehow based on the fares they pickup.

    A bus tracking app seems like an employment project by some software people when all that is required is a schedule.

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  3. Go to the taxi booth in the terminal near the exit doors; just tell them Riberas; the guy will tell you how much; it used to be 440 pesos to Ajijic.

    You can pay with credit card.

    Then go outside with your slip and someone will help you to line up or directly into a cab.

    The driver probably doesn't speak English; best to print out directions in Spanish to give to the driver.

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  4. I am not an expert by any means but I have spent a lot of time experimenting with different IPTV services; reasons aren't important.

    "Buffering" is when the video stream you are watching freezes for a few seconds and it can occur for many reasons but the likely cause is that the internet service download rate drops below the rate you need to play the video and this is usually only for a few seconds at a time. A buffer downloads the data stream in the background into memory while you watch the video; the amount stored can usually be selected; Tivimate has 5 settings none to very large; i am guessing that the very large setting is about 5 seconds of data stream because of the time lag when I change channels.

    On Ilox I noticed 2 significant items; buffering increased as Ilox added subscribers, and buffering increased around diner time when I assumed that there were more users online and Ilox struggled with the capacity requirements.

    Buffering can also occur because of a slow or intermittent server (poor IPTV service) or because you are trying to play a 4K video when your internet service is only good for standard definition (fiber optic vs Telmex wired). If you can play a 4K video on Youtube without any buffering but you get a lot of buffering streaming IPTV then the problem is likely your IPTV service not the internet service.

    I have also noticed that the 50 mbps service I have at my condo in the US has zero buffering compared to frequent buffering on the 100 mbps Ilox service


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