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  1. I file as a US resident and you mail or fax to Winnipeg; see link below https://www.canada.ca/en/revenue-agency/services/forms-publications/publications/t4058/non-residents-income-tax.html I filed directly from my computer using myfax.com
  2. Yes I file as a non-resident; why wait to send it in if they owe you a refund.
  3. I faxed my 2022 form to the Winnipeg fax number 2 weeks ago; 3 days later had my notice of assessment and 1 week after that my refund was in the bank.
  4. Yes all 3 ports have TIP removal; Bridge 1 and 2 at the CIIV/Banjercito building on the south side of the river road between the 2 bridges; Bridge 2 keep in the far left lane at the toll booths; Columbia there is a little Banjercito booth on the left just before the toll booth.
  5. We drive north frequently; prefer the San Luis Potosi route; take the west bypass (49D). We stay at the Sheraton 4 points hotel in Saltillo; nice hotel with restaurant and it is pet friendly. There are 3 crossings at Laredo; Bridge 1 is usually the shortest wait time but it is Sentri lane only, Bridge 2 (the busiest), and Columbia. Get the CBP Border Wait Time app for your phone and check the wait times before you get to the Columbia cutoff and make a decision. I have used all 3; Bridge 1 and 2 are both accessible without going through the center of Nuevo Laredo, use the road along the river to the east. Columbia is a reasonable crossing if you are going directly north without visiting Laredo. Google maps has good routing to all 3 bridges. Just a note that you can use Global Entry in the Sentri lane as long as the vehicle is registered in Global Entry; I doubt that you can use Nexus.
  6. My recommendation is generally for the Firestick 4K max; and if you have a 4K TV then experiment with the TV or Firestick upscaling high definition 720 or 1080p streams; my 4K Hisense TV does a better job upscaling than the Firestick. However, if you have a large screen 4K TV then I would recommend the new Fire TV Cube with super resolution.
  7. I use the Un-Dos-Tres app on my Iphone with a US credit card; I don't know if the app takes a Canadian credit card. This is a great app to pay almost any bill with a credit card and minimal extra cost for the charge.
  8. Every public transit system that I have ever used (other than here) has a schedule that is maintained; proper bus stops with the schedule posted. Here I see buses racing through town; why I don't know but guess that the drivers income is somehow based on the fares they pickup. A bus tracking app seems like an employment project by some software people when all that is required is a schedule.
  9. I have the Amigo plan; add $100 lasts 60 days; gives you about 100 minutes of call time before you have to reload or 60 days whichever comes first. You can add funds from telcel.com on your computer with a credit card; I use a US credit card.
  10. My Amigo plan works in Canada; I buy an internet package for the number of days I am away.
  11. Can anyone recommend a plumber with a power rooter for cleaning drains. Thank you
  12. Try Callcentric with Acrobits softphone; I have been using it on an Iphone for many years.
  13. At least 1 Canadian team goes on to round 3.
  14. The logos on aeromexico.com don't have a space between aero and mexico.
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