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  1. per your request, I am PM'ing you. Did you too have a bad experience with him?

  2. I would like to recommend the guy who has taken over our huge project on the mountain as he is such an honest and talented person. Tell him Sallie said to call. His name is Juan Jose Medeles. I have two numbers for him but best to call on his cell phone since he is here all the time finishing up our project with his men. (04433)3484 2432

  3. The contractor's name is Ruben Vazquez Orozco. His Father is also a crook and has a window business lakeside near superlake. We would be more than happy to highly recommend the man who has taken over our project who is really honest and you pay directly for the workers and the materials with reciepts from the suppliers. He has been wonderful and speaks very good English as well.

  4. Sorry I can't offer any help but would appreciate if you could PM the guys name.

    I am currently looking for a new contractor for my next project

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