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  1. I use ExpressVPN set to Washington DC -2 and get Amazon Prime US and Netflix US. Love it.
  2. Anyone using a VPN to hide your IP address that will allow you to watch U.S. content of Amazon prime?
  3. Thanks. Going to Mesa and Letys is also a great suggestion. Thanks

  4. Am looking for a good acupuncturist here at Lakeside. Would prefer someone other than the Mexican doctor who comes to the Ajijic clinic.
  5. Have you seen the neurologist at Quality Care or know of someone who has?

  6. Despite this cold and rainy spell I am looking for water aerobics in the afternoon. I know about the indoor pool in Riberas but can't go when their classes are given.
  7. My husband needs to see a good podiatrist. Any suggestions?
  8. Gracias for all your help. Just having a St. Patty's day celebration and was asked to bring russets. Will pass on all this info to them, I find it fascinating. Especially the part about the import of potatoes to Mx. No matter, large white potatoes covered with dirt will do. We are having a potato bar and wanted large potatoes. Will try Gabriel's Fruteria. I know exactly where you are talking about on the Carretera.
  9. Anyone know where I can buy russet potatoes here in Lakeside?
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