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  1. There are fraccionamientos all over GDL Metro area that doesn´t have even one "get behind guarded gates and walls foreigner" living there. I can´t imagine what you are thinking. You think mexicanos don´t do this? LOLOL
  2. Are you saying it was an Intercam fee and not a government imposed ISR regulation with holding? A fee for what? I have had a checking account and cede account with Intercam for years and have never been charged a fee. Unless it is something distinguishable between a national and a foreigner, I can´t imagine what it could be? Other family members, all Mexican, have never been charged a fee either.
  3. Just like you ignore the traffic lights LOLOLOLOL
  4. They have beat this horse until there is nothing left to see, but like Custer, they just won´t give up. LOL
  5. When does the guessing game for the date of the end of the "rainy season" begin, or should we start a new thread?
  6. Are you sure you were at ishop? There isn´t a ishop store in Ajijic, only in SAT and SJC. Maybe you were at Sol y Luna. ar
  7. Sentence one......."say´s who??? Sentence two.......say´s who??? You have to drive through there ?....OK I have business to do in Ajijic.....OK? Quit arguing like a 4 year old. edit....I forgot the free pass guy.....😀
  8. Well then, shut up about the traffic lights in SAT since you don´t live here. Your "come back" was hardly worth an answer.
  9. IMHO, it is the same chronic bitching about everything the government does locally. Can´t you people ever see anything good in the evolution of events and enjoy what we have instead of being constantly negative?
  10. Read the next post below your post.
  11. It is NOT. Having the same last name and being related does not make it a "family business".
  12. His uncle owns the towing business, long before. His principal activity is being a Contador Publico.
  13. They never left, just adding to their repertoire of possible achievements.
  14. So rain now can´t be part of the "rainy season", do they make that same distinction with snow falls, that can´t be part of the "snowy season"? Only if everything is in a certain alignment? If it rains, it rains, and if it don´t, it don´t. What difference does that make to the rainfall total for the year? Are we supposed to pretend that no rain has fallen the last few days?
  15. (edited by mod to remove gratuitous personal comment)
  16. Yeah, you should just forget about the whole thing, not worth the effort for what you get. Your time is too valuable to be wasting on such a useless effort that is not going to change anything.
  17. Departed several years ago, under tragic circumstances. Last I heard they/he were in Arizona, USA
  18. Now, that´s a real personal attack for me!
  19. No problem, but when you are driving along, trying to spot a certain business, it helps if can reduce the search area.😀 I was once challenged to find a Mexican owned business in Dublin, Ireland, that was it, no address.....never did find it....ouch!
  20. I can´t imagine what this guy is talking about....prices? I used to eat there at least twice a week and his prices matched the quality of his food. All restaurants charge IVA by law, so what is that all about? He was from an Irish-Brit family, born, bred, and buttered in Manchester. I played American football, collegiate and professionally, so we talked a lot about sports, or at least the two we knew. And he didn´t play "soccer" because you would not call it that in Manchester or anywhere else in the UK.....it´s football .LOL He talked strait and no BS, he said what he thought and there wasn´t a phony bone in his body. Take him or leave him, he couldn´t have cared less.
  21. The Garden Center is only located in Riberas del Pilar, just east of the old 7-11 which is now closed. They do not have a store in San Antonio Tlay.
  22. (Edited by moderator, gratuitous personal comment. Will you ever learn?)
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