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  1. I went to Actinver an hour ago. It was open. As for my unanswered phone calls, the receptionist told me that some of the Actinver phone lines are not working today. He was hopeful that those phone lines would be repaired. So...all is well. And I am no longer freaking out. Phew!
  2. Maybe I'm calling the wrong number - the number of my financial advisor. Anyone have the phone number for Actinver? .
  3. I have phoned Banco Actinver several times this morning and there has been no answer. Is the bank closed today? Or, worst case scenario, has the bank shut down? I have a lot of money in that bank and I am freaking out.
  4. Thanks for the assistance. I didn't know there was a kiosk outside of the telmex office in ajijic. That is what I'll make use of to pay my bill. I have been using the machine outside of the CFE office in Chapala to pay my electricity bill. So this is basically the same process.
  5. I live in Chapala and have no idea if the Telmex office in Ajijic is open for customers wanting to pay bills. I pay several months in advance, but the latest advance payment is just about used up. So now I have to pay Telmex some money (I pay in cash and have no credit cards) but I have no idea if I can pay at their office or if I have to pay somewhere else. My dilemma is increased by the Covid pandemic, since I am only leaving my home when necessary. Plus, because of the pandemic, I am only receiving Telmex bills on an irregular basis, usually once every two months or so. I also don't have a car, which means that if I want to find out if Telmex offices are open, I would have to take a taxi - a waste of time and money if the offices are closed. I would also like to know where - if the telmex office is closed - I can pay the bill, paying several months in advance. Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your assistance.
  6. I phoned the bank this morning and there was no answer.
  7. Can i have a colonoscopy here? Or do I have to go to Guadalajara? Any info about where to get this procedure, the cost and other details would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help.
  8. A few months ago, I was having computer problems, so I called the place where I bought the computer. They "fixed" the problem, but then I started getting a message on my computer saying that my Windows license is going to expire soon. I called the same place, they said they fixed this, but that "Windows license expiring soon" message keeps appearing. I would really appreciate someone telling me the name and phone number of a legit computer expert who can help me with my problem. Thanks in advance...
  9. I need your help. Where can I buy vitamins here in the Lake Chapala area? Thanks in advance for your help.
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