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  1. Hi Folks, I'm still trying, to determine if and when I might be able to return to the home which I own in Mexico. My situation is somewhat unique. While I am currently in Canada, my residence is in Mexico, and I have permanent residence status. I drove here in the spring as I usually do with my Mexican plated vehicle, and my Mexican cell phone. Thankfully both as still functioning. I had hoped at that time that I would be returning sometime soon. Alas life has not unfolded as I had hoped. Most of the time I have been staying with friends awaiting some change in border restrictions, which are now extended until Nov 21. I know from news that various Americans who wish to drive to Alaska in transit via Canada are permitted to do so, although on condition that they travel directly with no tourist stops enroute. Therefore, I wish to know if such transit travel via automobile is permitted through the USA enroute to Mexico. Yes/no?? I'm wondering if anyone knows what exactly can be considered essential travel, or conversely non-essential travel? I'm also wondering if travel is permitted, then what documentation is required and what additional conditions, such as 14 day quarantine might be required both on entering the USA, and also on entering Mexico. Anyone have answers for me? My vehicle registration, and travel to Canada and USA auto insurance policy will not go much more beyond year-end. I'm aware that if I leave Canada and contact USA CBP and I am denied access, when I return to Canada I must do a 14 day self quarantine, even though technically I have not entered the USA, then I have technically left Canada. I don't see anywhere on the US Customs or DHS sites that I might call or email. Any thought, suggestions or related experiences would be most appreciated. Blessings, t
  2. Hi MostlyLost.... actually I think there is a way to pay your Telcel using your Telmex account. Surprise Surprise. Yes - I know they are separate, but I discovered the option when I was online in my TelMex account. When you are signed into TelMex account click on Home (Hogar I think) and Services (Sevicios).... and click on the second item in the drop down menu mobile (Movil), and another menu shows which includes Recarga Tiempo Aire (recharge your air time), and after that you have another page that opens that asks you to register for the service. I read that in essence, you can pay your Telcel bill by adding whatever amount you wish to your TelMex bill. In my case I got that far, but because I haven't changed out my TelMex modem in my house yet TelMex want me to first discuss that issue before they will allow me to do anything else. So my next step... is to try to speak to someone in English at TelMex. Wish me luck (Buena suerte). Finger and toes crossed! t
  3. IT WORKED!!! I was able to call 1-800-365-8808 in USA and press 2 for English. I spoke with a fellow called Moses whi walked me thru setting up an account that I can use to pay my TelMex account. He asked for: My name My TelMex phone number in Mexico My Canadian phone number / Or US numbe He asked for my email address He asked for my US Address (which he said was optional - since I was in Canada, but since I have an address in Laredo he took that) ====***==== He then confirmed he was able to connect with my TelMex account and advised me the balance in my account He then advised me of my account number that he was assigning to me He explained I could sign in to telmexusa.com and go to retail services and then select telMEx line and pay account I did so and it worked great. I thne had the option to do a payment with my credit card to my telMex account. He explained I could pay any amount and there was a $2.00 fee. If the payment was more than $100 US dollars there was no fee. I believe can also just call the number above and give them the account numbe he assigned and do a phone credit cad payment, but I' not 100% sure of that. Thanks to MostlyLost for all your help. Now all I need to do is get thru to TelMex - so that I can charge my TelCel phone to my TelMex account and there will be JOY in my world! Terry
  4. great thank you very much ... i will give it a try in about 15 or 20 minutes.
  5. Hil Again MostlyLost, Thanks for the number... I'll give it a try. However it looks like a 1-800 MEX number. I'm in Canada, with a Mexican cell that works great, except I can't dial Mexican 1-800 numbers, and I can't make extra payment to the TelCel or TelMex by credit cad from here. I was going to try calling using VPN, Skype but someone said not to try that, or it doesn't work, so fa I haven't doing that.
  6. If you search for help here (key words like "Canuck Bob USA TelMex pay payment" - I found it last night ) about the link for who to contact in the USA (who may or may not be working) for credit card payment set up that is one part of the payment equation. So he said you need to set it up on your TelMEx account online.... also you need to set it up on TelMex USA, then you can pay by credit card.
  7. I dont have any other option I can think of to try. Long shot is to transfer funds to someone there and see if they can pay to my account somewhere like at an OXOX. But I don't wish to expose my fiends to Covid if I can help it. Sorry I'm a slow two finger typer. .
  8. I was trying to find a TelMex numbe to call to speak to someone in ENglish. I think TelCel have such a number. Maybe there is a similar number for TelMex. Sure would be nice. Mi Esponal es muy malo. I know to pay TelMex online... you need to get some authorization and setup from TELMEX USA, then you can use your credit card. However... they are telling me they want to change a modem or something and I'm up north. I am not back for a while! That is why I want to add more funds. The automated system will not let me do what I need to do to pay online, until the service request they show in their system is dealt with in some way. So I was hoping to figure out by speaking to someone what might be done.
  9. I was trying to find a TelMex numbe to call to speak to someone in ENglish. I think TelCel have such a number. Maybe there is a similar number for TelMex. Sure would be nice. Mi Esponal es muy malo.
  10. Hi Folks, I hope everyone is staying safe. HELP WITH OUT OF COUNTRY TELCEL RECHARGE I wish to know if anyone has any ideas to help me recharge my Telcel from Canada. I topped up my account for 6 months before leaving, but I'm using a lot of extra data with covid19 and it is depleting my credit balance pretty quickly. Telcel works great for calling MX, US and CD, however mitelcel.com does not work for adding credit to my account as it doesn't seem to connect when roaming. I can sign in via my computer, but when I try to pay they don't like the CD postal code so no joy that way. MC, Visa and AmExp but no Telcel PayPall. I've tried reinstalling mitelcel app on my phone, but it says app is not available in your country. I've texted a couple of different Telcel help advisors, but no joy there too. I've even tried recharge.com and mobilerecharge.com. Recharge.com takes my MC but only goes as far as authorizing, which is successful, then TelCel says pops up to try another payment method. I've tried Paypal,, same result, as in 'try another payment method". Mobilerecharge.com has said they were processing payment, and to wait a while - otherwise someone would contact me. Anyway that was yesterday. De nada! I even tried Worldremit.com who show they take payments for telcel, but they only only seem to allow you to pay outstanding bills or something. My account is something like 280 pesos a month for phone and datam and I have a credit balance which is reducing fairly quickly with extra data use. So - short of sending money to a friend, who could maybe go to Telcel at Laguna and pay on my account on my behalf, might anyone have any electronic suggestions I might try. I expect the same challenge exists for folks in the USA who have a Telcel sim and wish to recharge. Any and all suggestions will be greatly appreciated! Thanks, t
  11. I have had Armando do numerous paint jobs around our house as well as outside. Cupboards, walls, ceiling, crack repairs, etc. Armando does excellent work! He speaks excellent English and has more than 20 years experience, here and elsewhere. His phone is still 33214472452. Terry
  12. I have a one year mailbox (Laredo address , TX) coming due for renewal this month. Shared cost is 1,700 pesos per year. Thanks, PM Terry
  13. I am a Canadian living in Mexico with a permanente resident status. This past summer I drove my Mexican plated car to Canada and was able to cross into the USA and Canada without incident. I was in Canada for slightly less than 4 months. I wish to point out that it is very important in my view that everyone driving to Canada make certain they have sufficient and actual liability insurance coverage before traveling. By that I mean be very careful when buying coverage, since in my province a minimum 3rd person liability coverage of $300,000 is required. Also be careful to read the fine print. One insurance company will sell you insurance for up to 365 days, however you must not be outside of Mexico for more than 28 consecutive days! Furthermore the company your decide to purchase insurance from must be registered with Canadian insurance authority. Companies who are registered to provide coverage in Canada issue you what is called a "Yellow Card", which you may be asked produce by traffic authorities (aka police) to confirm the company is legitimate, and complies with Canadian insurance rules and regulations, and of course is financially solvent. At this time I am actively seeking quotations for such coverage from different providers, as I felt the premium I paid last year was somewhat excessive, compared with what I had paid in the previous year.
  14. I drove thru the USA up to Canada this past summer and discovered a couple of interesting points I'll share. My first point is that getting adequate insurance is a somewhat complicated procedure, and a little tricky. I say adequate because on checking I didn't feel the liability coverage that was included in the add-on I already had from Qualitas was anywhere even close to the coverage I wanted. I ended up with 300,000 USD, plus 2,000 medical per person and up to 10,000 medical per accident. I needed it for 90 days and although the premium was 120.00 with add-on fees and taxes it came to 149.00. Next point and I don't recall the detail but I needed to tick something in the online application making this the only coverage. I asked why and it seems it would lead to double coverage (so who would pay if there were too insurers?) and potentially a denial of coverage from both, since having two companies involved was some how NOT allowed. Next, in searching out out various providers as others have described here, I found there were very few providers, or few that seemed to know what I was wanting in terms of coverage (travel to the US and Canada). I ended up with Seguro Gringo and a chap there called Fernando Salazar. They are online. I used him because he explained that I needed something called a "Yellow Card" to show to police in Canada if and when one was involved in an accident. I confirmed independently it is required by law in Canada. I also found in reading their application carefully that you had to sear that one had to have a premanente status to qualify. My fellow driver was not, so the agent had to re-issue the policy without a second named driver. I did everything via internet and phone except in addition to emailing me the policy and a temporary scanned copy of the yellow card, Fernando snail mailed me the yellow card up in Canada. I also believe I might have spotted a Seguro Gringo office just along the highway as we were leaving Mexico, although it might have been a different provider. Perhaps one could ask Fernando if they have offices you can go into prior to departing Mexico, rather than doing it the way I did. Finally, although the insurance was sold to me by Seguro Gringo the actual insurance company named in the policy was National Unity Insurance Company out of San Antonio, Texas. I as others have stated I found people and police (and immigration folks) in both Canada and the USA very friendly and helpful. Hopefully I haven't confused anyone.
  15. Hi MCSquared,

    RE: Sol Y Luna Box Sharing,

    Txs for message. Are you sharing 2 ways or 3 ways? Also for 6 months or for 12? Also how many NMPs please? Txs! Terry

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