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  1. On 5/31/2023 at 8:36 AM, Floradude said:

    When US tax time comes each year, and I am waiting for documents from the US, I always go to the post office in Chapala and there they are.

    So, if you are expecting something it would not hurt to go check.  The man in the post office is the same man who what in our post office in Ajijic for many years. 

    It also helps to tip when expecting something that hasn't arrived.   Last year, someone unexpectedly sent me a small package to my home address from the us.  About the time it should have arrived I made a trip to the post office.  Nothing there. 

    A week later back to the post office - as usual gave clerk the address written on paper - the clerk looked for the package - couldn't find it - so she went to hand me back the address written on paper.  I refused it - and gave her 50 pesos (2.50) with a smile and asked her to keep the address and I would check back later in a week.
    a few days later she drove to my house  - i am 2 miles away from post office - and said the package was here - and she could deliver  tomorrow -  

    I was amazed - and of course did tip well the following day when the package was delivered to my home.
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  2. Guadalajara Demonstrations  using google translate  published 1/4

    With arguments such as that it is a collection program and that there is no installed capacity to provide care, a demonstration was held against the vehicle verification program and the upcoming application of fines.

    Abraham Alejandro Gobel Gómez, president of the Association of Workshops for Vehicle Emissions and Repairs, asserted that the state government's position is abusive because they do not have the installed technical capacity to carry out vehicle inspections, but they are preparing to start fining who does not comply

    "You cannot talk about fines, among other things, because they do not have sufficient capacity to provide the service, at least 284 lines distributed geographically in the State are required, this is stated in the technical manual, the regulations of the same program , and studies from the Mexican Institute. of the oil; there they talk about 284 lines, but the state government says that with one hundred lines and they don't even have them, ”he explained.


    Gobel Gómez said that they are prepared to present protections against the infractions or the withdrawal of vehicles, once those sanctions begin to be applied. He reiterated questions such as that the program is for collection purposes and that it favors foreign businessmen who have the concession for centers and the technology used for measurements.

    “We are preparing for the protections and that the acts of authority are given, that is, the fines or the removal of vehicles are applied, once they are executed we will proceed. We have protection schemes with various assumptions such as limiting free transit, the withdrawal of units or fines; we are preparing them to promote it when the first acts of authority are given, ”he explained

    The demonstrators gathered in the area of the Minerva roundabout and mobilized in a caravan to the Historic Center of Guadalajara to protest in front of the government palace. They commented that they were not assisted by any authority, although they proposed to form a commission for dialogue


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  3. does not apply to chapala - yet -  



    Actualmente, la obligatoriedad es para todos los vehículos que circulan de manera permanente, incluyendo a aquellos con placas de otros estados, en el Área Metropolitana de Guadalajara (AMG):

    • Guadalajara
    • Ixtlahuacán de los Membrillos
    • Juanacatlán
    • El Salto
    • Tlajomulco de Zúñiga
    • San Pedro Tlaquepaque
    • Tonalá
    • Zapopan
    • Zapotlanejo
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  4. 2 hours ago, ibarra said:

    We do have a choice.  It is against the law. Call the police as it is happening or go to Ecologia during business hours and report the "crime".  

    the chapala police were participating in the parade - bringing up the rear - and would have had to been deaf, dumb and blind not to see the people setting off the cohotes - and hearing them - in the first parade.  I think tonight was the third parade and didn't see a police truck - but did the first night.

  5. 1 hour ago, HarryB said:

    USTVGO on a computer has most channels (more than you would ever want

    thanks Harry - what I notice for some of these services is a lack of transparency - that is there is no easy way to determine the price.  So googling USTVGO's price, it appears to be free - which goes back to - "If you're not paying for the product then you are the product"  Tristan Harris

    I also found the same with Clear Choice - no easy way to find the price

  6. google maps works - go down Ramona Corona 

    look for lupita's restaurant - and then behind it you will see the drivers license facility in a field - but easy to see behind Lupitas

    If you have an appointment, you should be able to print it and take to Oxxo and other places to pay.

    LCS also has an upcoming class which makes things really easy.  Took their last class - which is why i know where the DL facility is located




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  7. Same problem with lack of pickup.    I live on Calle San Lucas and yesterday I managed a shout out to a garbage truck going on a cross street to come pick up my garbage (and a guy did walk down the street to pickup) or else it would not been picked up. Note -  I am the only pickup on the street. 

     Wondered about taking trash to corner but doesn't look like a neighborly solution :)


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