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  1. Call Gloria 3319169508 she is used to this work. Tell her I sent you
  2. Cedros did not start this thread. Also be careful who you decide to call a cheat. His original accountant seems to have given him the correct advice.
  3. You get both simultaneously with this method. We just use it as 2 systems because the surround sound system has a separate on/off switch but the headphones are on all the time.
  4. Have you considered a 1/8 mic splitter? That should solve both your problems. We have done that so if I want to listen I can use headphones and if my wife or both of us want to listen we use our surround sound system without having to get up and change plugs. Most, if not all TV's, smart of not, cut off sound to other sources when you plug into the external sound mic outlet. If you can't find it locally try amazon mx or mercado libre, or??? Gabriel at Computerland in Riberas. If he does not have one he can no doubt get you one.
  5. The total number of cases means nothing without either the number of recovered or active cases. It is merely a number. It does not mean that that number of people is walking among us spreading the disease.
  6. As usual RV you are wrong. The subject of cancelling a TIP, other than at the border, has been covered before, it can be done by mail. A good lawyer or your local Mexican Consulate can help. RV, a registered non resident of Canada can drive a Mexican plated car in Canada for up to 6 months, just as any other tourist can. I am tired of seeing your comments on Canadian law.
  7. You have obviously never heard of Barleywine. You should read this article. https://www.foodandwine.com/drinks/what-barleywine
  8. Whether you enter Canada in Nova Scotia or BC and in between you are entering under Canadian Federal Rules, rules that a Province cannot change. Provincial law deals mostly with moving from Province to Province. Whether you are a Canadian Citizen or Canadian Landed Immigrant does not matter. It is your Tax Residency that matters. For the non resident, Insurance is available. Mexican Insurance usually only covers you for about a month and I would not like to try to make a claim on a Mexican carrier. Before spouting off about what can and cannot be done refer to Mr Google. You will be surprised what he knows. https://www.ratelab.ca/non-canadian-residents/ US residents temporarily in Canada may operate their US registered vehicle while they are in Canada without issue for up to 12 months provided they have adequate third party liability coverage. Something similar probably exists for Mexican Vehicles taking into account the new NAFTA. I know that Mexican vehicles can be driven in the USA for up to 12 months.
  9. The rules regarding a Canadian driving a foreign plated car in Canada are based on residency not citizenship. So TelZ4, are you a resident of Canada or a non-resident?
  10. Does that get you toilet paper, paper towel or both?
  11. "Black" can be paramount in inkjet printers and no one has answered "Sunshiney Day". Also Rueben does not service printers as of when I asked him 3 months ago.
  12. Does anyone know the circumstances?
  13. Thanks RickS, I think I will go via Nogales
  14. Have there been any safety problems on 15 to Nogales recently? Just deciding which route to take.
  15. Cedros, you asked the wrong people. You should have asked Customs and Immigration. They control what a non-resident can drive not the Provincial police.
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