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  1. Also west of Austin in the Hill Country, I know a man who has a construction/general repair business who works several illegals. He starts them at $7/hr, and after a month, if they are dependable, he gives them $7.50/hour. never has a problem getting help, as the local DQ and Whataburger only pay close to $9/hr. I had 2 illegals work 2 weekends for me and we paid $7 per hour. If I wanted the insurance and guarantee for the job, I would have to pay $23/hr. for a licensed worker.
  2. On many jobs that we need help with, we ask around for the going wage to our extended Mexican family and friends, and for suggestions of people who can do that work. Then, when we get a candidate, we tell (it)how much we are paying for the work (after all we are offering (it) work for our money) and (it) decides to accept or not. You might be surprised that many Mexicans think they can get 2-4 times the normal rate from extranjeros, or maybe not.
  3. Those who "hug" the center stripe cause me the most problems, because they refuse to move over even just a little when you want to pass them. And then the occasional 18-wheeler who does not want you to pass and as you try, he moves over to block you. These guys must be nuts.
  4. There you go Again, you rant about where the best and cheapest health care is.For us, the best care and the least expensive we have received is not where you suggest it is. There have been posters here that have expressed the same thing that I say. But, as I will point out once again to you, each person has a right to make their own decision and they are capable of doing that without your condemnation or help, unless they ask for it. Try to understand. What your experiences are, are not the same as for everyone else. Can you understand that? There is absolutely no point in trying to convince others that they are making a mistake in their selection of health care locations. Geez !
  5. Also, there is always the consideration that the more info you put out, the more informed the thieves and thugs are. Sometimes, need to know trumps want to know.
  6. I doubt that, as I can only speak to where the best health care that we have received has been. BTW, that is all you can do either, no? So, it seems a moot point trying to tell others where they will receive the best health care for them, as only they can make that determination, no?
  7. Many people seem to have good experiences in different places and some have bad experiences in those same places. No one can say the health care is better in one place as opposed to another for everyone. They can respectfully express what has happened to them and what their personal choices are. Those who choose health care here are never chastised by members of this forum, yet when someone here decides that,for them, the better services are provided elsewhere, that brings out the "bullies" and the "proof" that health care here is much better than the other person's choice. That is sad, no? What can't we just be respectful of another's choices, even though they may be completely opposite from our own. We have no need to try to shame people into being just like us, or do we?
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