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  1. This statement should tell you why not. Don't do as I say or do, right?
  2. And, of course, jealousy never would enter into your comments, right?
  3. The purpose of limiting everyone's contact with others is Not to save your life. It is to give doctors and hospitals a chance to save the lives of those elderly that are fighting for their lives. Limiting your activity prevents the spread(at least lowers it) so doctors and hospitals do not become swamped and can concentrate their time and resources on the endangered elderly. Think of it as doing something to help save lives of older people. That should make you feel special.
  4. How would you know, you are a "newbie" ! What was wrong with you last name here? Too many knew who you were?
  5. The V.A. Prepares to Back Up a Health Care System Threatened by Coronavirus https://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/15/us/politics/veterans-affairs-coronavirus.html Federal Government providing support, like their Constitutional obligation. Seems a lot of fake news is back with us again !!!
  6. The hospital systems in the US are state controlled, not Federal. Each state controls their own, not like here. Some states are stronger than others, because of strong leadership, and that is why we see such diversity in reporting. The good ones are beginning to produce significant results. NY has done a good job under the leadership of its governor. Hopefully states will follow some of the things that produce positives from there to protect their own citizens. If only Mexico would get after it seriously !
  7. Do you understand the role of the Federal Government when it comes to jobs and the economy? I guess not, by your comment. Do you understand the purpose of these checks? This IS the job of the Federal Government. You need a refresher course, or more. Geez, Louise !!!
  8. In 30 days, that computes to 140 increase per day. Really great compared to other countries. Now, if that can be maintained, wow !!!
  9. COVID-19: U.S. at a Glance* -Current from CDC web page 3-17-2020 Total cases: 4,226 Total deaths: 75 Jurisdictions reporting cases: 53 (49 states, District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam, and US Virgin Islands) Today, death rate is 1.77 % in US. So far, seems to daily move downward.
  10. In Mexico, when it comes to health care, the Federal Government is basically the "daddy " for all Mexicans, as health care is under Federal control, even though states seem to administer it somewhat. So, a slow response by the Feds here is going to really be problematic for this country, as local/state governments have almost no control over health care for their citizens, as NOB. How sad for the older citizens here, no?
  11. Yep, as I said , many don't understand. Another educated beyond her intelligence.
  12. You are just probably educated beyond your intelligence, and that is more likely the reason.
  13. Maybe if you majored in government, as I did, you could understand better.
  14. And, I think that goes double for the city and state officials in the US, as they are the primary line of defense against this virus. They are charged with the health care of their citizens ! Because the US is a Republic, the Federal Government is Not their "daddy" (although there is one party there that wants that to happen). The Feds are just a support group for the States, even tho they seem to be going well above anything they have ever done before to support the States. Remember, all states and local communities there are Not equally ready, thus you are seeing such a different response and results. Easy to blame the Feds when these States fail their responsibility to their citizens, no? Just shows how many don't understand the concept of Republic and its Constitution. Just shows how many don't understand the role of the Feds NOB.
  15. I don't think they feel superior, JMHO. But I do think it makes those who try to put them down feel superior, Just sayin'
  16. I found this, but it is a few days back there: US Surgeon General Jerome Adams said cases would rise, adding the average age of death for people with the virus was 80, and the average age of those needing medical attention was 60. (Outside that age span, not much worry). Sadly, I fit into the near 80 with immune problems. Still, tho, if China is correct, about a 1 in 8 or 9 chance. Could be worse.
  17. https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/lamvo/coronavirus-death-rates-age-charts-us-china?fbclid=IwAR3oBQUKOMYYGfKX__EMz7UAPMQUFZovUFyvksNTP5hoCZLBiyseiY-iW70
  18. Anyone find the death rate % by age for those who have died in the US from this virus, Find it for China, but the death rate in the US is lower, and so are other countries. One would think that publishing this death rate stat by age would lower the fear rate . Maybe, that is why it is not published?
  19. In Leon, Gto., every store still uses plastic bags. Nothing has changed.
  20. Can you compare Morelia and Queretaro? Especially Centro Historico.
  21. We have an LG washer that we bought in 2005. Still working fine. 12KG. Like it so well that 2 years ago bought a new LG at Sam's Club here for 6995p and took it NOB where we use it often. 19KG. Our dryer here is an old Sears Kenmore electric 220 that we bought NOB for $50 at a garage sale. Works like new, but is old. One of those mustard colors.
  22. This is NOT a discussion regarding viruses. Maybe you might try reading the topic title again, or get someone to read it to you. This is a topic about the possibility of the CV being discovered in Leon, Gto., nothing more, and certainly not a discussion of the flu, which is very much different than the CV. You are not asked if you think the CV is going to kill less or more people than the flu. This is an information post, and It would be wonderful if you could keep you opinion to yourself until you are asked, no? Is it too difficult for you to understand this simple thing? Aren't you an adult? Quit crying and whining, act like it !
  23. 5,000 already killed in Mexico. Wow ! Now an even deadlier virus could be here already.
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