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  1. I think some people just eat that style because it is an "in" choice, if'n you know what I mean.
  2. Fortunately, someone had already reported the location of the problem.
  3. I've always wondered how you know they are really "gluten" free.
  4. Actually, debit cards do not give you cash back on purchases, mileage, hotels, etc. My understanding from banker is that CCs have much more federal protections than debit cards (CC max loss is only $50, while debit card loss could be Much more) and can offer extended warranties, car insurance,return protections, etc.) I could never find a valid reason to have a debit card.
  5. I was told by a banker that the only safe way to use a debit card was to have a separate account at your bank that you transfer to from your main account daily but ONLY enough funds to cover what you plan to spend that day. Thus, if robbed or lost, that amount of money would be all you will lose. Too much trouble for me, just use a rewards CC, then you also get cash back, etc. No cash back with debit cards.
  6. Probably not as safe as an atm card. If you lost it on the way there or back to hiding it, or you were robbed on the street, your debit card could deplete you account of money quickly, but not your atm card. Many debit cards do not require a pin to use outside an atm. I think NEVER use your atm card anywhere except a secure bank. I will not have a debit card, ever. Too dangerous, IMHO.
  7. "Safe Return" Procedure: If your vehicle is currently “illegal” (or will become illegal when you switch from Residente Temporal to Residente Permanente), and you want to take the car out of the country, you can apply for a “Retorno Seguro” permit from SAT, which gives you five days to drive the car out of the country (to the USA or to Belize).
  8. Not a problem, as the RS is for you to drive it out after you become Permanente. Not sure where you get it, but you get it AFTER you become Permanente.
  9. Here we have been talking only about withdrawing funds at a local atm using only a VISA or a MC atm card to do that . If you get pesos without using either of those two cards, then you are not helping this discussion one bit, but actually hindering it. So wht you have been saying does no apply at all here.
  10. I believe that a debit card can be used to make purchases at stores and online, but an atm card cannot. At least mine can not be used for store purchases. That is why I have only atm cards, not any debit cards. I think that was what she stated.
  11. How long is the drive from the crossing to here?{ (time) Do you spend the night along the way?{ TIA
  12. I remember when I was coming to Mexico in 1997, lookin' for a place to settle and I read a Mexico travel book: "the State of Guanajuato is home to the most beautiful city in all of Mexico, and also the ugliest. Guanajuato and Leon."
  13. Such a large city, but WOW! on the climate comparison: https://weatherspark.com/compare/y/3878~4637/Comparison-of-the-Average-Weather-in-Chapala-and-León-de-los-Aldama
  14. Can't let much of that information leak out. What would new people think, right? They will find out soon enough, right?
  15. Seems like a good time to refinance with interest rates going to continue to increase. If they waited to 2025, imagine the rate to refinance. Refinancing now saves a lot of future interest. 2023 will ring in the full blown Recession. BTW, some US Treasury Bonds are paying 8.6 %, not 4 %.
  16. Agree with Mostly ! Also, many attorneys will tell you they are specialists to get that "money up front" and nothing ever comes of it. I suggest you "move on", but it's your money to throw where you want.
  17. Dial 001 before you dial the US 10 digit number. Worked for us.
  18. I think you get your appointment with either Hector Haro or Eloy Barragan, then you will be fine.
  19. https://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/cartel-war-map-jalisco-cartel-guanajuato/?utm_source=TWE&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=tpcc %3D dailynewsletter&pnespid=saZoBilFLa0XgPCboyS9H8mQrky1SYp3cPStnOF4qERmwbwllMINz5WLYoPsc2UncJAutAvm
  20. What is not accepted as a fully vaccinated traveller Vaccines not currently accepted Bharat Biotech (Covaxin, BBV152 A, B, C) Cansino (Convidecia, Ad5-nCoV) Gamaleya (Sputnik V, Gam-Covid-Vac) Sinopharm (BBIBP-CorV, Sinopharm-Wuhan) Sinovac (CoronaVac, PiCoVacc) Vector Institute (EpiVacCorona) Other
  21. It seems like the dogs bark 24/7.
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