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  1. Thanks-for the info---We are just in the process of closing soon---Upper Chula Vista--What is that situation? Asked about water and told all was OK! Insight please so we don't go in blindly! Salud and Gracias during these times!
  2. Hi Noel--Gracias for getting back to me. We are just in the middle of selling our home up North and have no date as yet--Here is my e-mail brad@dundeemanor.com I have made a note! again Mucho Gracias---Brad
  3. Need same to Pick us up at the boarder to bring back Chapala with 2 pet Aussies in crates and some personal belongings! Will take place in a few months! Crossing Boarder as RP with dogs medical certificates . Thanks Brad
  4. We totally enjoyed this-Thank You! -Can't figure why it took so long to finally find the read. Your re-count of some of the places and people you met were very much the same as we did in 2006-------- and every year after that. The owner of the B&B which you mentioned meeting Doc and Marcia the managers of La Paloma down to the Blanket Lady on the Lake who we also helped stop traffic when she was pulling this cart full of goods--Amazing Lady who our Hearts went out to every year since then. This year 2020 she was not there and we searched to find her. The long and the short of this I grew up in SF area -- another coincidence ! We purchase a home Lakeside at the Racquet Club and could only visit for 3 months at a time due to business, however now are headed down to fully retire and it's about time. In 2005 we relocated to Dundee Oregon and bought a 2008 Edwardian on 4 1/2 acres in Wine Country --re-stored her and opened a B&B--14 Years later sold her and now Viva Mexico for a full adventure in our live. We have the RC home up for sale and bought a place in Chula Vista to be closer to town! This is all happening right now as we sell this house we are living in----Let Life begin a New! Not and Easy process but we will do---Lakeside has changed tremendously and much to our dismay from years ago but --it was inevitable since it is a blessed place. We look forward continuing to share and learn from the wonderful culture that Mexico has to offer~~ Thanks Again for the great article! Abrazos! During this time!
  5. Hola Alex--I think I responded to this and appreciate it--We are in the process of selling our home in Portland Or---So it will be a few months ---we have household goods and the 2 15 month Aussie pups----Huge move and downsizing more. Incidentally I grew up in the Bay area and live in SF--- Thanks hopefully we can put this together.
  6. Hola--Sorry I haven't answered this--We are looking at making the move in a few months--Have a house listed so it's about timing! I do appreciate you answering--
  7. I was curious about this my self------? When you find out let me know please!
  8. Just picking this up Thank You! We were down Lakeside at our home until the end of March just as the Pandemic was starting there. We have much to do with selling our Northern property and will sit tight until things settle somewhat. We were not aware of the attitudes but happy to hear that they are taking things seriously and as of this date it is obvious. Lots of details evolved with the move --Animals-Car------Shipping etc. Yes! if we self quarantine it would be fine--We did when we returned up North--actually 3 weeks and still laying low except for essentials. Thanks for your insights!
  9. Thanks for the info- With all that is going on we are having a heck of a time--but will be OK! Selling--and 2 pups plus trying to drive them down from Portland Or---Any info would help- We are PR and have a home in Chula Vista Lakeside. Thanks!
  10. Thanks for the info---I just picked this up. I would like to know more since I did contact them. Finding everything out has been enlightening to say the least. We found out we can't drive down with an 8 year old car with US plates--Having two 15 month old Aussies was the plan. Working on other ways. We might just sell the home at this point... Way too much red Tape--We have PR .. Who do you recommend for shipping. We have Art work etc. that must be handled properly ---! Any ideas? would help... Gracias Brad
  11. Hola! We have had a home Lakeside for 12 years and finally are retiring. We only spend part of the year however are now Permanente and selling our Home in Portland Oregon---We have checked out Storm White and Chapala Moving however need some insights from you all. This probably has been discussed in another thread and if so please direct us to it--Can't find it! We are trying to bring part of our lives with us but need insights--Any would be appreciated--Gracias
  12. Thanks--No I didn't but will make a note of it---We have trained others here how to install about 7 years ago---in San Juan so they could get more business and make their lives easier. Have seen improvement in availability but not all. We didn't bring down much this year to our Casa-----but will next year to share---So important to be Water Wise--Thanks again Cedros
  13. Thanks everyone---We did find a few parts down in Reberas but not enough but will continue--the search!!
  14. Did you find where to buy the parts for the drip system????? \
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