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  1. I have some scratches on my back window glass on my VW suv. Appreciate advice on a good place to have re-tinted. Thanks.
  2. Need someone to do a minor sewing job for me making a few cuts and stitching a couple of pieces together. Thanks.
  3. In the last few days my 2016 VW Tiguan will not start after sitting overnight or for an extended period. Jumps and restarts easily. Had the battery checked twice and the alternator and both checked out fine. Any suggestions on someone locally who could maybe diagnose what is causing the problem short of making a trip to the VW dealer in Guadalajara?
  4. Driving back to Lakeside in ten days or so. I like to cross at the Anzalduas bridge at Pharr. Thinking of crossing the morning of 8/29, driving to SLP and spending the night and on to Ajijic on the 30th. Haven't made the drive in several years. Don't want to overnight in Matehuala. Any alternate suggestions would be appreciated or any advice from a recent trip. Thanks.
  5. Looking for a store to purchase the outdoor clear many pointed star shaped lights that hang by a chain. Thanks.
  6. What are the requirements to sign up with Totalplay? Contract, etc. Thanks.
  7. I also highly recommend Azucena Bateman. She handled my Temporal and TIP. No problems whatsoever. Nice person, good English, good communication.
  8. Has anyone had an MRI performed at their spine at the SAT hospital? If so were you satisfied with the procedure and what was the approximate cost? Appreciate your replies.
  9. I know it's been covered here previously but I can't find it. Looking for a good orthopedic doctor here lakeside for an acute non emergency back situation. Recommendation will be greatly appreciated.
  10. I've had the Antigen test done at the white frame lab in Soriana's parking lot but was wondering if they also did the PCR test, what their email turnaround time is and the approximate cost for the PCR test. Thanks.
  11. Anyone know where you can find margarita/cocktail glass rimming salt locally?
  12. Is the Zapata 20 peso coin available from any of the local banks?
  13. Superlake. Close to the front when you enter. Right-hand side.
  14. Glad to hear of your experience. A friend at the gym told me this morning he and his wife waited twelve hours yesterday in Chapala to receive their first vaccine of Sinovac.
  15. 450MX at the airport for the Antigen test.
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