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  1. I have SHAW service that I share. I have a spot and can sell you a SHAW receiver and Satellite dish 3000 peso. You have to hire someone to set it all up. I know a man who can set it all up. The monthly cost is 650 peso. Send a message if interested
  2. Brought my car down here with my Temporaire...I want to go to Permanente. However I want to continue to drive my foreign plated car. It is 20 years old but still in excellent condition. If I do get stopped what would the consequences be. I have been told the car will be confiscated, which I am willing to risk. Any advice. I know several friends that are doing this now. Thanks for you input.
  3. Is the office open in Chapala for getting a driver's license? I just discovered mine expired July 28!
  4. I was told that the 2020 renewal for IMSS can be done online. Has anyone done it?
  5. My friend is building a house and does not like the company that her builder wants her to use. Does anyone know of a reputable and economical company that sells water purification systems and water softeners? Thanks
  6. A 16 year old visitor would like to buy a fancy dress like the girls wear to their 15th birthday. Does anyone know where in Guad. I might find them? Thanks for your help
  7. A tree fell in our backyard and damaged the chain link fencing on top of the wall. We need to have the tree removed and the fence repaired. Looking for recommendations. Thanks
  8. Anyone know if they do ANTERIOR hip replacement in Guadalajara? Can you recommend a doctor and approx. cost. Thank you
  9. Did you manage to get the anterior hip replacement?  If so, who did it and what was the cost?  

  10. Ask your own hairdresser - many are willing to go to your home if you pay for the taxi and give them a good tip.
  11. I went to the Copper Canyon with them and it was wonderful. The guides are well informed and fun to be with. We have been to many places in Mexico over the last 10 years but the Copper Canyon with Lydia's Tours was the BEST. Don't hesitate - you will love it.
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