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  1. He thinks Mexicans are criminals, rapists and drug deals. He does need help.
  2. Your opinion was boring.
  3. Psilocybe cubensis grow around here in fields on cow pies and local variety around here looks mostly like any other cubensis you've seen (see photo taken last year in Mezcala). Just look for the golden cap growing out of cow dung, then check for bruising. They have that same faraetenaceos scent as up north. It's probably the most common variety found in this area. Psilocybe mexicana, of course, can be found around here. Psilocybe zapotecorum is another common mushroom in Jalisco. Hunting season is approximately August (aka Hongosto) until October or so. Check out this video about mushrooms of Mexico on YouTube.
  4. The needs are constantly changing. The firefighters are good for water and food for the moment. As of yesterday evening what they need now are heavy-duty rakes, square-tipped shovels, latex gloves, electrolyte powder/packages (not liquid), and disinfectants like Pinol, Cloro & Fabuloso. They do not need more food and water and the moment.
  5. Jesus. Unburying years-old threads to promote your product? Sam, you would do well for your business if you took some lessons on internet etiquette
  6. How much THC is in it? Anything more than 1%, as I'm sure you know, would be illegal. Not that I care. But the cartel would.
  7. I thought advertising was prohibited on this board?
  8. If you don't like the Mexican culture, go back to where you came from.
  9. This is not true at all. Last year, and this year, are the most popular years for gringos here ever. Honestly, don't know how this could escape anyone unless they rarely escape from their gated neighborhoods. Also, refugees? Use that word here to describe a gringo and Mexicans won't take you seriously.
  10. It's been reported that your statistics are bullshit.
  11. I will not be shopping at Pancho's, just as I've never shopped at Super Lake. I support my community and local businesses selling Mexican-made products, not a bunch of crap imported from thousands of miles away. I don't wish Pancho's luck.
  12. It seems you've forgotten that you're not in Asia, dude. So egg drop soup made by a Thai chef living in the backwaters of Mexico costs 80 pesos? Big whoop. Settle on your 25 pesos burgers from the plaza in San Antonio.
  13. The first thing you should do is redesign your website from scratch. I googled your email address and found your site. Your site is a table-based layout, so it doesn't look good on mobile. Sites need to be mobile friendly today to rank well -- Google just switched the way it indexes sites. It's now a mobile-first instead of desktop -first index. So if your site doesn't work on mobile, you'll see your rankings drop for search queries from people using desktops now. (Add your site to Google Search Console and you'll see a message about how your pages are not mobile friendly. This error is what you need to work on first.) Doing anything else to your site SEO-wise before redesigning it to be mobile friendly will do you very, very little.
  14. The lake is filthy dirty. That's a fancy trick that Todd Stong does every year, but to what end? He's trying to prove that the lake isn't polluted... when it is? Forget about the lake itself -- its pollution travels from the water, through the air and to the towns along the lake. (Read this for more info about that: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-mexico-health-village/murky-business-a-hunt-for-answers-as-children-fall-sick-around-mexico-lake-idUSKBN1DY11E) The lake is polluted with heavy metals. Tests confirm this -- just go to Mezcala and check out the huge banner they've posted on the quiĆ³sco about this. UNESCO or some similar organization was involved. Certainly trust them much more than some guy named Todd Stong who EVERYONE always brings up whenever lake pollution is mentioned. Compared to even 10 years ago, the lake is filthier than ever -- much filthier than the East Coast of the United States. But compared to 50 years ago, the lake is a radioactive nightmare. Anyone who has been here that long will tell you the lake used to be crystal clear. But, if you don't mind a little kidney disease, go for a swim. A little town not too far from Ajijic has the second-highest kidney disease rate in the world. https://www.google.com.mx/search?ei=o1iyWoWfAfHn5gKLkJhQ&q=kidney+disease+lake+chapala&oq=kidney+disease+lake+chapala&gs_l=psy-ab.3..33i21k1j33i160k1l2.5878.13061.0.13213.
  15. Obviously, self-appointed expert Todd Strong is wrong.
  16. Thank God gas prices are going up! Makes people realize what a limited natural resource this stuff is. Now if only the US would hike up their prices, there's a chance we'll all be alive in 50 years. Oh wait, forgot most people on this board will be dead by then anyway, so who cares about the environment.
  17. sunshine59, can you post the video on some place such as YouTube?
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