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Status Updates posted by Jackie

  1. Jeannete - Always love & appreciate your thoughtful, intelligent & respectful postings. Been reading about the AZ fires . Are you okay ? Jackie/Encontrado jjkellum@yahoo.com

  2. On Anita's Animals website there is a tab: Pet Godparents.. it is a form a person can complete stating instructions of what the person wants for their pets [who will care fot them,etc..] AND a form giving detailed info about the care of the pet..

    Helpful to act upon BEFORE there is a problem. The form can be completed on the computer, printed out, given to the GodParent & copy ...

  3. Hi! Please let me know what are you trying to post that relates to Anita's Animals website ? Thanks.

  4. You sent and I received the English language poster & will print today for

    the Wed.market anitasanimalsresponse@hotmail.com

  5. Hi !

    It might also be helpful to have posters in Spanish as well as English ... if you need help with this language,I am sure Anita's Animals can help with it.. just call .. we need to catch this maniac.

  6. Hi !

    Closest Vet near you/Joco, would suggest: Animal CARE .. # 01 376 3062, just past Roosevelt School, West Ajijic- 2 lady Vets Luz Marie & Lalani . ? a little pricy, some friends have them as their Vet.

    I live in SJC, family Vet Pepe Magana in Riberas.. I have MANY pets. He's excellent, enough English, cares!, covers emergencies ! 01 376 2717, before...

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