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  1. Cafe Grano Cafe in Ajijic usually has some grinders in stock.
  2. Superlake has packages of small bars of Hershey's dark chocolate with almonds. I was there this morning. They are on the candy aisle, not by the checkouts.
  3. This is such sad news. Francisco was so kind and helpful. He will be greatly missed. Condolences to the family.
  4. The government clinics have the three strain shot. The private hospitals/clinics are waiting for the four strain version. Three is better than nothing I am sure.
  5. They were there last Tuesday when I went in. But you are right in that they sell out quickly and don't reappear for a year.
  6. According to an item in last week's Guad. Reporter, the remodeling of the plaza will remove the outside dining area of Plaza Jardin restaurant. I've always enjoyed eating in that spot, watching the world pass by. It will be a loss.
  7. I'm insured by AXA and checked with my agent when the pandemic started. He confirmed that I have coverage for COVID.
  8. I think that noon is the cut off time for outgoing mail. It should be unsealed when you take it in so they can verify that there are no checks in the envelope. They open at 8 a.m.
  9. But the same spam style email arrived from the Guadalajara Reporter yesterday along with one from the other two sources reported. You are telling us that the Reporter's name is being used by Lisa Jorgensen?
  10. Pima County, so maybe all counties, will accept photos of the ballot and affidavit. I've just voted, taken photos, emailed them in and received a receipt. Go for it absentee voters - please!
  11. Another vote for Beto Muñoz - very creative too.
  12. It's regional and authentic in its own way. Border food.
  13. Paco Miramontes (the oldest son) did this for my family - i cannot speak too highly of Paco, his father and other family members.
  14. AT&T, not Telcel. The AT&T store is north of the Pasta Bar and Telcel south of it.
  15. My US bank, BBVA US, has just stated that they will now allow those types of checks to be deposited on line. You might see if your bank is doing the same.
  16. But my download speed has dropped from around 65 to 9.74 while the upload is around 16.70. I've asked when things will return to normal but realize that is a futile question.
  17. After three days of emails to Tech Support, they finally "made some adjustments" and I am back on line. This is the first time in just over a year with them, that an outage of this length has occurred. I'm hoping it is not an indication of the future!
  18. Another vote for MariChuy of Jazmin, opposite Farm. Guadalajara.
  19. Tech Support just replied that they are reviewing the service, so at least they know they have a problem.
  20. MIne, in Ajijic, is barely working. The PC keeps showing "not connected" but the modem does not show a red light. You can write to them noc@mail.ilox.mx
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