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  1. Rene is a licensed tour guide and will also drive your vehicle, if you want, for medical appointments etc.
  2. I'm with Alpha 1 on this one.
  3. Depending on what you need done, I would suggest you call Rene Castañeda of Ixtlahuacan - he speaks great English, comes to the Ribera all the time and is the only locksmith I am comfortable using for things like rekeying locks. Rene will always recommend Heriberto for complicated things. You can reach Rene at 333 143 2352 or 331 341 9102 - both cell numbers.
  4. The upholsterers will come to you and give you a quote, bringing fabric samples with them - it's truly not that hard.
  5. I was very pleased with the services of Handy Artistic Upholstery, 69D Hidalgo, Riberas del Pilar, Alberto Alvarez, 376-106-0332 or cell 331 437 9593. Near the new gas station. They also cleaned some furniture for me, doing a good job at a good price.
  6. I don't know about the super high end part but I do like the designs I see at Galeria Calli on Ocampo in Ajijic. I don't know where the OP is located but if in this area, check this place out: http://calliintramuros.com.mx/proyecto/galeria-calli-ajijic-jalisco/
  7. I can't answer your questions but I can tell you that since we installed our 9 panels a few years ago, the worst bill we have received was 220 pesos for (then) one month and that was while one of us was having health problems and we ran a room air conditioner quite a lot because of that. Like SunshineyDay, our last bill was 46 pesos which is the minimum for two months and represents the service charge for reading the meters. In a couple of months or so you will get a better feeling for how much power you are using and know whether you need those extra two panels.
  8. I can only speak for my bank which is Bancomer and you cannot do that with a non Bancomer card.
  9. Don't forget the necessary paperwork for your pets and remember that your vehicle will heat up quickly when parked which means you cannot leave the pets in it without air conditioning running. I realize that when traveling with pets, the main focus is on arriving at your destination - good luck, it will all work out.
  10. The English speaking speech therapist is retired from teaching and still here so I imagine would be available for help.
  11. We have been more than pleased with the services Mina (Josefina) has provided us over several occasions from 24 hour care in home to providing someone to be with us in hospital.
  12. It will be too hot to leave a dog in a car by March.
  13. The shortage is very real in other parts of the country - a comprehensive story here: http://uk.businessinsider.com/christmas-gas-shortages-weaknesses-in-mexicos-oil-industry-2016-12
  14. And don't forget you can make calls through Whatsapp to people on your contact list who also have Whatsapp - no charges no matter where you are.
  15. All I can tell you is that we have never, for one moment, regretted installing solar 3 years ago. I still do a happy dance when the bills come in. E2Energias, now SmartPV, did our installation and there have been no problems. I can send you the email address of the local rep. if you want it.
  16. Alan - the OP is well known here, respected and no troll - he is offering useful information.
  17. Harry - Rick Steadman buys cars here sometimes and takes them north, returning the tip papers on his way out.  He is 100% reliable, has been a good friend of ours for 10 years and has recommendations from people here.


    You can reach him at rsteadman@gmail.com


    Bridget Andrews

  18. Do you have a friend here who would go into Telcel and top it up for you - that would probably be your easiest way.
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