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  1. Sad news. He and Louise had recently moved back to Tucson, and he said he was happy with his VA treatment there. He will be missed. Condolences to Louise.
  2. Check out this group: https://charterclubtours.com/
  3. Official bank holidays 2022: https://www.banxico.org.mx/financial-system/d/{78042524-F8E9-89EB-9A8E-FD40D0CBCF40}.pdf
  4. Dra. Iliana Ramos is the OBGYN. I use her and like her. https://qcdoctors.mx/staff/martha-iliana-ramos-morales.html
  5. Genesis Photography on Ocampo #34, Ajijic, does a great job rapidly.
  6. My neighbor just went to Soriana to be tested for travel purposes, only to be told the center is closed. Just a heads up.
  7. I heard from Mexican friends that the location is out of tests until February.
  8. It probably comes down to three strain (Gov't) v four strain (private) I opted to pay and receive the four strain.
  9. To donate to the Lakeside Food Bank, check here: https://foodbanklakeside.org/donate/
  10. We also saw Mike as a friend and also our go to tech guy for many years. He will be greatly missed. Great sympathy to his family. Chris - perhaps there is something local that we could contribute to his his memory?
  11. https://puntolaguna.huelladesarrollos.com/ It sounds rather like the very slow moving development next to the Coke plant in San Antonio, with a slight change of name. I have noticed work going on there this week.
  12. I was just there. One ATM is still missing and the other was out of service. I sincerely hope HSBC will get sorted out but I'm not holding my breath! The machine for payments and deposits appeared to be working. Luckily CIBanco had money but this could be a rough weekend on the money front.
  13. I was just at Quality Care and was told they expect to have the 4 strain shots by the end of the month. I did not ask cost.
  14. The subject of this thread is the exchange rate at ATM's - we seem to have wandered far away!
  15. The Walmart testing spot was open this morning.
  16. That figure sounds wildly optimistic, based on anecdotal information from Mexican friends. Covid is spreading rapidly at the moment.
  17. The test site at Soriana is open now? Last reports were that it was closed as the assistant was ill.
  18. Is it possible that in order to change a PIN, you need to use a machine belonging to the bank issuing the card? In the past I've changed a PIN on the phone, entering the new pin from my phone.
  19. Make sure you decline the rate they offer on screen, With HSBC, I find that the difference between the offered rate and the actual rate given is as much as a peso.
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