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  1. They are working their through Las Salvias at the moment.  The cars being used are labelled Carso Constructora, if I remember correctly.  When the switch to fiber optics is made, the old wiring and system will cease to function.  We are going to be changed. like it or not!  No prior notice is  being given which is a pain.

  2. Both my spouse and I have  been operated on by Hector Valenzuela and I cannot speak to highly of his care or his attitude.  Sorry you had a difference experience Zeb, but I have never had anything but great attention from Hector.


    We also used the services of Daniel Briseno, Hector Briseno's brother, and found him equally caring and attentive.

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  3. On 6/25/2022 at 1:54 PM, artsnob said:

    I had made arrangement with owner Carlos to serve us two lobster dinners for June 27, I get it every year for my birthday with him, he never said he would be closed for my Birthday, so I guess I wont be going there anytime soon..

    These days Carlos is busy running El Sombrero..  It might have been better to make the arrangements with Gosha  herself.  Sad that you missed out however.

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  4. When we first moved here in 2005 the family that works for me  had four kids and one vehicle.  Now all the kids are grown and have kids of their own.  The over all group has around 6 vehicles and 2 motos.  That story is replicated in the community and explains a lot of the increased traffic.

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