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  1. Thank you. I am tired of repeating myself. I gave a long answer to the last question ask "SO WHERE ON THE LAKE ARE THEY SHOWING UP????? No more repeats, anyone have anything new to the topic UFO's. I'm waiting for the new topic to show up on drones, looks to be lots of interest.

  2. I've had several people out to my casa to witness these lights flashing. (They even came at 5:00 a.m.!) Seems I can look in three places each night to find them. I live in Chapala Haciendas overlooking the lake. On clear nights there are up to 15, some even forming triangles with lights flashing. As soon as it gets dark they are here. I know a couple who live to the West of Ajijic that see a trail of lights coming from the West side of the lake and go into the lake, often. This I want to see for myself. There is a couple I know who witness a UFO right over their heads, soundlessly moving over their property. They do not discuss this with to many people, don't need the negativity. Lots more stories to tell, but why bother when there are so many that think you're crazy.

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  3. Back to the topic, please. I agree drones are fascinating, even have a friend who has one here. They are not what we are talking about. Why the subject of UFO's seems to shake people's beliefs, I'm really not sure except possibly it scares them. When something scares you, you need to address it in a rational manner. Finding out what that saying "things that go bump in the night" really means can be fascinating as say drones. I'm talking about UFO's many people have witnessed here in this area. If you can stay on track, keep an open mind, listen to what others have to say without criticism, please continue with our conversation. "Drone people" please start your own topic. Several people have sent PM's wanting to have a meeting, let's do it. Only interested parties to attend, the stories so far are truly exciting. How wonderful to keep learning at any age. There will always be doubters, yet, they never take the next step to find out. This group of people are not of that mindset. Onward and upward with the topic....

  4. What would you be talking about if you were them? We must seem like how they once were. I enjoy history, how people lived in the past, the pyramid's, how they built them, their teachers, lifestyles and kings. Mexico is so full of ancient wonders, maybe they enjoy watching us!

  5. I counted 15 of those flashing lights in the sky several nights ago. Also several triangles with flashing lights. On clear nights you can see them really "talking" (flashing, red, white, green). This is every night. Take a high powered pair of binoculars and see for yourself.

  6. Boy, If this were only a joke!!!! If you want to see them for yourself, we are going to have a meeting and discussion. There will be sightings so everyone can see what I see. Also we will be meeting with the women who sees them go into and out of the Lake. If you are enjoying this website, imagine the real thing! You might as well join, rather than "keeping your head in the sand". The information we gather will be more than interesting, shocking to some, and truly in lighting for others. Anyone wishing to attend said meeting, please make it know to me with a PM. (I'm new to this so I think that's how we communicate privately, if not tell me how). Let's see what our sky "neighbors" are really up to!

  7. Thank you for explaining what you saw. There are so many things people want us to consider, yet they haven't seen what we have seen. Since I have been a night watcher for 5 months, these are not drones. They stay up in one location all night at times. Drones are not able to remain stationary for that length of time. As far as I know drones do not put on a light show with multi colored lights, which again are all night. What ever they are they love to make triangles as well. The more I talk about them, the more someone wants to tell me I'm wrong with what I'm seeing. I have heard all kinds of negative thoughts when I tell people about them. Most people want me to stop, but I'm not going to.

  8. I like you wanted to see a UFO. Little did I know I was seeing them! With my really good binoculars I witnessed them flashing themselves, red, white, possibly green. (I know, Mexican colors!). They are here every night. I have non-believers come and see them, now they believe. Sorry, they aren't balloons with flames, or anything anyone has every seem. I have watched them gather before a really bad storm (6) flash themselves, then 3 disappeared so fast you can't believe it. What they are I don't know, but I want to know more. Anyone up for some detective work?

  9. I thank the open minded people who answered without criticizing. I personally know 7 people who have seem them here. One is a doctor in Chapala who has pictures he's taken of them in his office. Each of them has a story to tell, I may consider a book so each can have their say.

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  10. Anyone seen UFO's in Lake area? I watch them every night. Looking for the lady who was at the Chapala Rotary first event and spoke to Jimmy Barto about coming to her house. She sees them go into and come out of the Lake, had invited him to view anytime. Would like to gather a group and discuss what everyone has seen.

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