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  1. Posting for a Canadian friend. You can PM me and I will forward your information. Thank you Unable to attach photo. I would like to find something in walking distance to the Plaza in Ajijic, 1 bedroom, and I hope to stay from November to the end of February. I have a small, very well trained dog.
  2. Does anyone know the government address to find my CURP card?
  3. I searched for this topic, but can not find anything. Perhaps I am wording my search incorrectly. Is there anyone Lakeside that can file US State and Federal taxes? Thank you!
  4. I did try the Whatsapp, but got no reply. I will try again. Thank you
  5. I have read the posts and have tried the *2222 number and the 33 520 9621 number and I am getting no response from either. I am moving today and need to have my service shut off. First message sent Sept. 22nd Does anyone know if I just unhook my router and take it to the Ajijic office will there be anyone there? Thanks
  6. Does anyone know what time they close? Thanks.
  7. I have chosen Sol Y Luna because of the closeness to my house and because of the price. This is the info I was given today, Aug 8th, 2020, when I registered for a box. Prices: 1 year $190 US 6 mo $ 140 US 1 mo $ 30 US Their new hours during Covid are M-F 10-4 and Sat 10-2 You can have packages sent as well as regular mail. Due to the border being closed, their mail can only be sent out once a week and bigger boxes will take longer. Anything you might need immediately (lost/stolen credit card etc) you should have sent FedEx or UPS. Hope this helps and thanks to everyone for your comments!
  8. I am no longer able to rely on others to ship any important mail from the US. I have heard about Ishop and Handy Mail but know nothing about them and would appreciate any info you could give me as to how this works. I would have only occasional mail and no packages. Thank you in advance
  9. A friend of mine has purchased a new Lenovo laptop and needs help setting it up and changing the keyboard from Spanish to English. Any suggestions on a good computer person? Thank you
  10. Does anyone know of a Notario in Ajijic? Thanks in advance! UPDATE I found that the closest one is in San Antonio. Thank you!
  11. Thanks everyone. I guess I just need to be more patient. I have contacted the shipper so we will see what happens. If they reship the product I may end up with two! lol
  12. A package I ordered has been stuck in Customs since July 25th. Anything I can do about it?
  13. Thank you suegarn. I saw that link but all posts are out of date. I sent an PM and did not receive an answer, but I did not see the phone number so will try that.
  14. Does anyone know if there is a Seventh Day Adventist Church Lakeside? Thank you
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