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  1. There is a mexican website www.curricanes.com that is a mail order supplier of fishing equipment. Use them several times with great success. Almost always received my order within 24-48 hrs. Have it sent to Ishop or sol y luna for pickup. minimal charge.
  2. Have had excellent success with Amazon US. Always received package in less than a week. And each time I have been credited back most or all of the duty/customs fees about a week after. The best way to use Amazon US is to set up your permanent shipping address in Mexico. You can use your home or one of the mailing sevices. Then when you look at items you are interested in purchasing it will immediately tell you if it ships to Mexico or not. Also, if you order over $65 the shipping is free. Prices in the US are also lower. You can easily track your item on DHL. It usually arrives in Guadalajara in a day or two.
  3. Does anyone know the current price per 20 liter bottle that Santorini charges for home delivery?
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