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  1. I have family coming to visit soon and am asking 1. Is the taxi kiosk open at 5:30 am? 2 . do they take credit cards? Thank you
  2. For those of you that have installed solar hot water what is your ROI in years? Thanks
  3. It's that time of year again and again this year having disagreement with wife about what bonus to pay our help.
  4. Wendell Garcia has been providing dog walking services for quite a while. Wendell speaks perfect English. Cell # 045-331-144-2907
  5. A good friend of mine had both hips replaced three years apart. Work was done by Dr. Jorge Gonzalez a top notch Orthopedic Surgeon. Maskaras Clinica Fri. and Sat. 376-765-4838 My friend is an avid tennis player and has been playing at a much higher level game than before the surgery. Dr. Gonzalez has helped many others lakeside and he will be the Dr. who will replace my wife's need when needed.
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