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  1. We really miss Mexico. Five months ago, had to leave because there were no blood banks there, and I had to have three units a week, for a reoccurrence of cancer treatments. By the way am now in remission. Never did we think we could sell our home in one day, but thanks to Chapala Reality it was done. So now here in Florida, sort of happy, but miss my Mexico. As to the question would you stay, well it sort of was like that way!
  2. DanteNXS Twenty-one years we spent in El Parque, on the mountainside, a development very close to Walmart, across from super lake, a grocery/novelty store, in the town of San Antonio Tlayacapan. There was one stoplight, little or no traffic when we first arrived, and El Parque was once a motor home park, one of the best in Mexico. It eventually became a 114 unit home development. Very peaceful. As the years progressed, so did the traffic on the two-lane road, along with the prices, a little more crime, and the peacefulness started to diminish. A few months ago, because of medical problems, we sold our home in one day and returned to the chaos of the United States. We miss Mexico and envy your decision to think about a move.
  3. Volaris keep us waiting at the Miami airport four times, and never called to cancell the flight. Then to try to get our money back took weeks. NEVER AGAIN
  4. As a former airline pilot with thousands of hours, and a past owner of a Cessna 175, think again of your idea. Unless you get the option of land/water landing equipment, this could be an investment of gigantic proportions. And then there is the insurance, Mexican regulations, maintenance, and just the worry of the "what ifs" of this investment.
  5. Thank you Al, I am driving a 40 year old Mercedes, and have used other people in the area, but really do not get much satisfaction of service.
  6. There used to be an auto air conditioning shop across the street from Multiva Bank. Right next to the man who grinds coffee. I have been told he has moved out and is near the Pacificia Fish market area? Does anyone know the exact location? Would appriciate any information. Thank You Captain Naselli
  7. Thank you all, contact was made and all is well.
  8. Anybody know the whereabouts of Fred Mittage, he used to write in the Logo mostly political stuff. Thank YOu
  9. Note: Volaris has suspended several flights................ https://cms.volaris.com/en/travel-info/coronavirus-update/ Flight canceled due to extraordinary circumstances. We will give you an electronic for the amount of the base fare and the additional services you purchased. You can use it to book a new flight in the next 90 days, to travel within 12 months. Routes that we are operating Due to the coronavirus contingency and following the regulations of the countries where we fly to and from, we have adjusted our operations. Suspended routes Check the routes that we had to suspend due to the contingency. Miami Miami (MIA) - Guadalajara (GDL) Miami (MIA) - Mexico City (MEX)
  10. I am writing from El Parque, and have lived here since they started building this condo/Frac 16 years ago. To the best of my knowledge there have never been any problems. We have six guards, two per shift and they patrol every hour on the hour, staggered. This goes on day and night, with a large patrol dog, called Lobo. There are 114 homes, while lighted streets, and very friendly people. Heated pool and clubhouse. We are fenced in, and all visitors are questioned as to where they are going. Come and visit and see, we are located on the way to the "Little theater" across from Super Lake, mountain side.
  11. Would like a covered Garage 10' X 20' in size to take a clean vintage antique car (1979 Mercedes Benz) for six months. Do not need electrical power or water. No rodents. Battery will be remeoved from car. Call 376 766-5687 Starting October 2019 to March 2020. Thank You
  12. I just have to put in a word about Dr. Gabriel Varela, he is the doctor that I called one morning after I was told by another Doctor that my wife would never be able to walk, talk, or have control of her bodily functions and had to be placed in a nursing home for the rest of her life because of a massive stroke. It was quite by accident that I even found his phone number, and within one hour he was at my house, carried my wife into his car and then drove her the hospital (Puerta deHierro Sur) in the city where he performed w/ two other doctors a six and a half operation and opened up part of her skull to relieve pressure on the brain due to a leaking blood vessel. Yes I would consider this as being a predigest letter, but today she is back to being my loving wife and friend. His price was more than fair, and care was in the many house visits he made to make sure all was well after the operation. You do not find Doctors who practice medicine like this very often. He can be reached at the STROKE CALL CENTER, 24hours day/night, 7 days a weeks, 333 128- 6347, (376) 765- 6666. He also has an office next to Maskaras Clinic, # 79, Riberas del Pilar, were Mom's restaurant used to be years ago. Email: gvarela@gabrielvarelaneurosurgeon.com
  13. My wife was diagnosed with a massive stroke, however after a review by Dr. Gabriel Varela, a neuro-surgeon @ cell 333 128 6347 24/7 , he personally took her in his car to the Puerta de Hierro Sur hospital, and after an MRI, found that she had a hematoma due to a leaking cerebral artery. He immediately operated and saved her life. Followed up with over 20 house calls. He operates the Stroke call center. He lives in Chapala, and has a beautiful office at where the old MOM's restraunt used to be near clinica Maskaras.
  14. I just found out that the inspection station known as Automotiz Zambrano located in Jocotepec no longer does diesel inspections, only gasoline. Does anyone know of a local station that does diesel inspections? Thank YOu
  15. looking for males or females who are interested in playing bunco once a week on Thursdays at the American Legion from 4:00 til 6:00. If interested, please contact me at iaunspaugh1@yahoo.com or per phone at 376-766-5779 for more information.
  16. Well first we had to get ladder to do the job, had to go to the neighbors next door, get permission, and bring it to location. Next analyze the job, by testing the pull chains, electrical wall switch and then the remote control. Remove fan, then find the problem, go to get the part, return to the job site, after going through the guard gate which was backed up with traffic, back to the fan, clean the blades, and reinstall the remote module, finally remove the old part and install the new one. Test the job and then receive payment. Total time 3 hours. Oh one other thing, when you are 87 years old, who wants to climb ladders, and try to take the fan down???? Another thing the ceilings are not low...........Not I.
  17. Ceiling Fan repair-------------- Now here is another first, who says I will see you tomorrow morning, Saturday, at 8 AM AND SHOWS UP A FEW Minutes TO 8? This guy is a real mechanic, took the ceiling fan down, analyzed the problem, and came up with a capacitor being the culprit. Now, he then goes and gets a new part, and returns to replace, and now it works just like new. Price 500 Pesos complete. Total work time 3 hours. Miguel Angel 376.765.4872 cell 045.331.045.3699 Best of all he cleans up after himself, and has a smile on his face the whole time he is working. His card says he is located in Chapala, and he specializes in plumbing electrical work and general maintenance.
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  19. Master - 500 Ton Ocean Going Operator

    Current U.S.Coast Guard License #83916

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