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  1. Does anyone know what the total cost is to have cataract surgery done on both eyes by Dra. Claudia? Does she do both eyes at once or not? Muchas Gracias!
  2. Is Starlink the newer service that offers about 1000 channels? Just how expensive it is per month? Does the receiver box cost extra? What English language programming service do you recommend to provide for a rental unit? Thanks in advance for your replies!
  3. I recently purchased a small condo at Birds of Paradise on the Libramiento and am looking for a reliable property manager to check on the place when I'm up North or several months. Can you recommend someone? Thanks in advance, Dab
  4. I'm looking for someone to string my tennis racquet. And how can I reach that person? Thanks in advance for your suggestions.
  5. Hola Luis, Do you also string racquets? I might be interested in the Head Lite one. Where are you located? Please advise.
  6. Karis Nafte will be giving a free presentation at the El Dorado fracc. on Wednesday, January 5th. She is a well-known animal trainer who will will talk about how to deal with common pet behavior problems. There will be a Question & Answer session following her 45 minute presentation. (Please note to leave your pets at home!) Reservations (and masks) are required . Contact Donna asap at: dab1219@gmail.com
  7. I've been trying to reach H2 Ole` to order a new UV tube for my water system. They are not answering their phones & the email bounced back. Does anyone know if they are still in business or if there's another place in Lakeside where I can get a UV tube? Thanks in advance!
  8. A friend told me that La Pacena restaurant in San Antonio burned down last night. Can anyone verify that? I sure hope it's not true. Thanks!
  9. I've been hearing what seems to be a chorus of cicadas from time to time. Have they hatched out here in large numbers yet? The Unites States is expecting "plague" of them this summer, starting on the East coast and moving West. Can anyone confirm that the hatch-out of cicadas has happened in our area already? Thanks!
  10. Are there any restrictions on the 'free calls" to the US from my land line here? I tried several times to phone a friend in DC today and kept getting a fast busy signal. The number called was to a cell phone. Also, what's the deal on calling US 800 numbers? Thanks in advance for your answers!
  11. I did just that..but no luck. Thanks, anyhow!
  12. Can anyone recommend a doctor at Lakeside who does spider-vein treatments? I had heard about Dra. Jimenez del Toro, but can't locate her. !Muchas Gracias! in advance.
  13. I'm sad to hear of the closing of the Maskaras Clinic. Where in San Antonio is the new clinic where Dr. Garcia works? Does anyone know where Dra. Jimenez del Toro has an office now? Thanks!
  14. Does anyone have a current phone number for Dr. Haro's office? !Muchas Gracias!
  15. To Carol: I was wondering if you tried the leg vein treatment with Dra. Jimenez at Maskaras Clinic? If so, were you pleased with the results? Thanks!
  16. What is the exact location of the recycling center? I can probably help out this winter when I'm in Lakeside.
  17. Does anyone have the contact info for the CostCo Kids shopping service? Thanks in advance.
  18. Does anyone know if you already have Amazon prime in the US...does it carry over to Mexico or do you have to sign up here? If so, what is the annual fee? Thanks!
  19. Dr. Lowell Birch on the Libramiento between the BP station & OXXO is very good.
  20. Most major currencies are higher (devalued) in relation to the US dollar now. AMLO's term hasn't started yet..and he probably won't be any worse for Mexico (and maybe even better!) than his predecessor.
  21. Dr. Pinto, the optometrist in Riberas, has a selection at his office on the main carretera (Hidalgo).
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